Dubrovnik Exclusive: Interview with Darth Vader

As you all know, Star Wars is filming in Croatia, Dubrovnik. The scenes were shot on Stradun street in the city center, where everything has beeen dressed up to create a new world in a far away galaxy. Today, we are giving you an exclusive of all exclusives. Mr. Darth Vader decided to tell GoDubrovnik everything about his stay here.

star wars croatia go dubrovnikHi Mr. Vader! So, are you having fun in Dubrovnik?
Darth Vader: No.

What about the locals… Did you meet anyone nice?
Darth Vader: I don’t do nice. Don’t ask stupid stuff. I will not be so forgiving next time.

Ummm, ok… How do you like the food here?
Darth Vader: I don’t like it, you idiot. Due to the shape of my mask I am able to ingest only liquid food. I like Croatian wine though. Grk is ok. I’m craving spaghetti but they are tough to eat. I have to insert one by one into the whole in my face. Ask me something stupid again, and you will die.

Ok, Mr. Vader, please don’t get upset. I would like to know how do you spend your free time while in Dubrovnik. 
Darth Vader: I do yoga (I got the breathing part)….I play scrabble with myself. YOU IDIOT!!! I’M RULING THE GALAXIES. Take care what you ask and to WHOM!

Mr. Vader… Are you my father? 
Darth Vader: This is so irrelevant to the situation but ASK YOUR MOTHER.

I have to notice, you have some anger issues…
Darth Vader: Pointless inquiry. I’m currently taking anger management classes.

Are you planing to return to Dubrovnik?
Darth Vader: That kind of question will raise suspicion. I find your lack of respect disturbing.

darth vader croatia star wars go dubrovnik