Dubrovnik is extremly popular with South Korean tourists and there’s a quite good reason for that. A reality show! After being broadcasted in South Korea it brought more than 100 thousand new guests to Dubrovnik and Croatia.

Another, similar show has been filmed in Dubrovnik, but this time, it’s a popular Chinese talk show called Day Day Up broadcasted on Hunan Television. Co-hosted by Wang Han, Da Zhangwei, Qian Feng and Wang Yibo it’s very popular in China especially among students and young people for great humor, unique style, and the famous people starring in the show. 

According to the Chinese media this show influences public opinion, especially when it comes to choosing a travel destination. This is why we’re pretty sure that Croatia and Dubrovnik could be next it-destination for Chinese travelers. The show not only shows gorgeous views of our city but also a glimpse of Game of Thrones story.

The funny hosts had great time in Croatia, they danced Lindo – a traditional folklore dance, tried some Croatian food and hang out with some Croatian celebrities like Jelena Rozga, Ana Rucner, Maksim Mrvica, Ciro Blazevic etc.. 

Day Day Up  has been showed on Hunan TV, and according to Chinese media it was watched by fascinating 300 million people. The number keeps growing on the Internet !

Let’s take a look!