Beautiful Dubrovnik and Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, are the most popular in this area. Zagreb has a magnificent energy but historic Dubrovnik is definitely one of the most famous cities in this country. Films promoting the popular Croatian destinations of Zagreb and Dubrovnik have won yet more international awards, this time winning at the International Tourism Film Festival in the Maldives. The Dubrovnik Tourist Board’s film ‘Dubrovnik and Time’, produced by BALDUČI FILM from Zagreb, beat tourism promo films from all over the world to win ‘Best Cognitive Film’ in the Maldives.

The other Croatian winner on the night was ‘Color Your Christmas with Zagreb’ by Marko Vrdoljak, which won ‘Best Unique Tourist Site’ film.

The award in the Maldives was the 9th international award for ‘Dubrovnik and Time’. The promotional film has achieved remarkable success since it was released, winning second place out of 1,500 films at the ITB Berlin, a bronze medal at the prestigious New York Festivals Television & Film Awards in Las Vegas, as well as awards in Latvia, Azerbaijan and Portugal.