5 Tips for Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway in the UAE 


The fast and chaotic rhythm of contemporary life can make any relationship pragmatic, displacing even the tiniest manifestations of romance. That’s why it is so important to reconnect with your significant other by creating new special moments in your love story. However, finding time for this becomes a real challenge amidst routine duties. A great way to escape from everyday worries is a romantic weekend.

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai in particular, is an excellent location for couples who want to turn their romantic getaways into an oriental fairy tale. Honestly, the planning takes some effort, but the results are worth it. To start, give flowers to wife, then follow the tips below.

Choose the Best Accommodation Place

Whether you are seeking the luxury of Dubai, the culture of Abu Dhabi, or the history of Sharjah, the accommodation should meet your highest expectations. Fortunately, the UAE tourism industry offers many options suiting different tastes and budgets. Each couple can decide what kind of lodging will be the best refuge for their feelings during the romantic weekend. However, some general additions could set the right tone for a romantic mood, such as:

  • a private pool;
  • a spa center; 
  • panoramic views;

  • exquisite dining options;
  • flower delivery service, and more.

Keep it in mind while booking the accommodation to create unforgettable weekend memories that will last a lifetime.

Plan Romantic Activities

You are on cloud nine with your beloved, aren’t you? In that case, you could take to the sky in the literal sense and enjoy romantic adventures. Hot air balloons, helicopters, and paragliders are available for excursions in the United Arab Emirates. Besides, as this country is renowned for its natural resources, such as gold sand and coral waters, there are a lot of opportunities to leverage these elements for organizing romantic activities. The most popular are the next ones: a night desert safari under the twinkling stars, a picnic at two intertwining heart-shaped Love Lakes, or spending quality time on a rented yacht.

Indulge in fine dining

The UAE is renowned for its culinary scene, offering as traditional Emirati cuisine as international dishes. Even if you have decided to try it all, pay attention to some ideas for a truly romantic touch. First, it is a private dinner on the beach, enjoying a delicious meal under the stars and the soothing sound of waves. The second option is booking a table at a high-end restaurant with an ambiance created by pleasant music, the best flower bouquets, and a panoramic view. By the way, how about a culinary experience 50 meters high at Sky Dive Dubai?

Schedule the relaxation sessions

A spa date is a fantastic way not only for the spiritual reconnection of love-struck couples, but also for recharging their bodies and releasing stress together. UAE`s world-class spa centers offer the following relaxing activities:

  • a couples’ massage;
  • sauna and snow room;
  • rejuvenating wellness treatment, such as face masks, etc;
  • jacuzzi or hot tub;
  • aromatherapy using natural essences or oils like chamomile, lavender, and so on. Their scents seem to feel as if it occurred to you to order a flower bouquet.

Without a doubt, this time spending helps to keep your love spark alive.

Take care of capturing memories

If you want to get memorable reminders of your romantic weekend getaways, consider hiring a professional photographer or bringing along a high-quality camera. After all, the United Arab Emirates is famous for its photogenic scenery worthy of Instagram. Over time, scrolling through the social media pages, perhaps while choosing a flower arrangement, you may suddenly find yourself longing to embark on the romantic retreat once more, inspired by the happiness and love radiating from these photos.

The final words

Of course, even just the UAE floral service could ensure you surprise your loved one. But imagine the impact flowers will have when combined with a romantic weekend filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. It will lay the perfect foundation for fostering your relationship. So, heed the advice in this article and orchestrate your couple’s escape. Accept the wishes of passionate love and shared pleasures!