If you are in Dubrovnik, or any other Croatian city right now, you definitely noticed everyone wearing the white-red football shirts, hats, colors on their skin etc… Yes, that’s right- football (or soccer, if you prefer) means EVERYTHING to this nation. The bars and cafes get crazy loud during the match, but they are also the perfect places to be if you want to experience what Croatian people are really like when it comes to contest, pride and  cheering. I don’t think you realize how crazy this 4 million people nation can get when the Croatian team plays. Prepare yourself for some great time and getting in touch with what Croatians are made of.  Yes, it’s pure passion. Passion for the game, passion for their team, passion or everything that Croatia represents to them.

Just check out this amazing thing that a fan club Torcida Dubrovnik did a few years ago to show the support for Croatian football club Hajduk! Can you even imagine what would it look like all across our country if Croatia scores high on Euro 2016?

Or  take a look at this video and check out what it sounds like when 30 000 Croatians sing the national anthem in Berlin before the Croatia-Brasil match starts! Did you get the goosebumps yet?

And this is what happened on Euro 2008, when Croatia played against Turkey. We have lost the game (many say it was unfair), but  check out those Turkey fans next to the Croatian ones.

This year, Croatia won against Turkey and today at 6 PM make sure you find your seat to watch Croatia vs. Czech republic. We know it’s going to be a great game!


In the spirit of Euro 2016 we thought it would be great to help you learn more of some fun (AND IMPORTANT!) facts about Croatia. Why? So that you can love it as we do.