Exhibition: Olaf Jordan – Faces of the Balkans

The exhibition opened on Monday, 14 March at gallery ‘Rupe’.

Olaf jordan dubrovnik art gallery godubrovnik
The exhibition ” Olaf Jordan – Faces of the Balkans ” is presenting seventy-two high-quality art-pieces (monochrome and color); portraits of people in national costumes from Dubrovnik and from neighboring areas. Portraits, executed in watercolor and drawings are the work of the Swedish painter Olaf Jordan (1902nd to 1968th). They were created between 1935 and 1938, during his stay in Dubrovnik, where he lived with his family from time to time.

The original copies of the portraits were distroyed in war  but black-and-white reproductions  were preserved by the painter’s daughter, Mrs. Sibylla Goethe, who gave them to Ethnographic Museum of the Dubrovnik in 2012. The exhibition also displays the life of Jordan family in Dubrovnik  during 1930esAuthor of the exhibition is curator of the Dubrovnik Museums Ivica Kipre while art exhibition is signed by Ivona Michl. The exhibition, accompanied by a catalog of 84 pages, will remain open to 5 May 2016.