Croatia has surpassed its “up-and-coming” status from a decade or so ago to become a go-to European paradise, with beautiful beaches, postcard-perfect coastal towns, and delicious eats. The tourism industry keeps on growing (some would say too much), such that the country – and Dubrovnik in particular – pops up at the top of travel lists for all sorts of different purposes.

Where Dubrovnik is concerned, one thing that doesn’t get talked about quite as much as one might expect is that abundance of opportunities for a fun, fancy night out. But if you’re wondering what you might do there after a day of sightseeing and enjoying nearby beaches, here are some things we’d recommend.

1. Dinner and Drinks

Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik

Having a sophisticated dinner is the perfect way to enjoy dressing up and hitting the town. Dubrovnik has plenty of amazing dining options to choose from, but the chic new restaurant 360º has recently earned the prestigious Michelin star and is thus at the top of a lot of visitors’ lists. Chef Marijo Curić’s food is simply exquisite. Make sure you make a reservation ahead of time, either for the elegant dining room or the outdoor seating along the castle wall because seats fill up every night.

You can follow your meal at 360º or a similarly lovely restaurant with a short stroll by the waterfront, and gradually make your way to Troubadour Hard Jazz Cafe, one of the most popular evening spots in Dubrovnik. It’s the only jazz bar in the city, offering energetic live music to accompany your cocktails and conversation.

2. Hit the Casino

Another fun excuse to get dressed up and go out is the Merit Casino Libertas, a classic, glamorous casino complex open until 4 am. With online casino opportunities from international providers from Britain to New Zealand steadily gaining steam these last several years, it’s almost a surprise to some to visit a city that still has an establishment like this. But for whatever reason (likely thanks to the parade of tourist Dubrovnik has seen this decade), Merit Casino Libertas is doing just fine. As a result, a night at the gaming tables with your sharpest outfit on and a cocktail in hand can be a wonderful change of pace from daily sightseeing and beach lounging. And, if you want to have dinner while you’re there

3. Theater and Dessert

Dubrovnik is famous for its Renaissance playwright, Marin Držić, and accordingly, the main theater in town is named for him. Located in the center of town, the venue features a lineup of shows comprised mostly of classic local stories, along with some more widely popular European plays. While the playhouse has a small capacity, its actors are skilled and well worth the effort to get dressed up and go out. After the show, you may not feel like a full, long night out, but it can always be nice to find a nice spot for an evening coffee or dessert, over which you can recap the performance with friends or that special someone. There are a few places in the area, but we’d recommend heading across town a bit to check out Slatki Kantun, a pastry and cocktail bar that’ll make you melt.

4. Go Dancing

There aren’t a ton of dance clubs in town, but the few that exist are phenomenal. Club Revelin is perhaps the top place to go, with a unique late-night ambiance brought about by its location within a medieval fortress. Open overnight (11 pm to 6 am), Club Revelin has open stone floors perfect for dancing on, along with the bare bones of a fortress not unlike the Game Of Thrones filming locations that draw so many to Dubrovnik in the first place.

Revelin club dubrovnik

Another great option is Skybar (which used to be Fuego), near the Pile Gate. There’s a cover charge, but it’s graciously applied to the cost of your first cocktail of the night. It’s got a great drink selection and aa a very fun atmosphere and is likely to be somewhat less crowded than Club Revelin on a given night.