Yesterday, we celebrated the day of patron saint of the city for the 1044th time.
Celebration of St. Blaise is one of the most festive and certainly one of the most important day for people of Dubrovnik. If you want to know more about St. Blaise, you should check our article 5 reasons why you should know about St. Blaise.

This year we’re counting 1700 years from his death. The saint-martyr is Dubrovnik’s protector in every way. On St Blaise’s day ( February 3rd ) the City and the countryside become one. This amazing tradition demonstrates spiritual and religious unification of whole Dubrovnik’s region.

The opening of the Celebration starts on Candle Mass, February 2. The holiday of light ( in Dubrovnik called Kandelora) dates from 15th century. On this day the white doves, the symbol of freedom, are released in front of St Blaise Church with the raising of St Blaise’s flag on Orlando’s Column. Well-wishing prayer (Laus) is said, and the girls in traditional costumes offer the fruit as a symbol of 12 months in abundance. Saint’s hymn of freedom (LIBERTAS) is another important part of this unique celebration as well as fusiliers who fire the shots in patron’s honour. What’s cooking in Dubrovnik on the day of St. Blaise? It7s definitely Sporki makaruli (dirty macaroni), a traditional dish in Dubrovnik. You can find our delicious recipe here.

On St Blaise’s day the relics of St Blaise are carried in Stradun where huge procession of banners and people of faith from the Dubrovnik surroundings takes place.
In the days of Sveti Vlaho ( St. Blaise ) there are many exhibitions and other events in Dubrovnik.

Photos by: Božo Prlenda & Antonio Bokšić