The city of Dubrovnik is an absolute treasure which has become one of the must-see cities of Europe. As such, the Pearl of the Adriatic as it’s known is getting an ever increasing number of day trippers, who have 10-24 hours to explore and get a feel for what makes this historic city so unique. So here our suggestions of how to spend a day in Dubrovnik. If you want to really get to know this city better and feel like a local, you need to explore. You can find the best go-to guide with the Go Dubrovnik Guide. Inside you will find great places to stay, eat, shop, and visit, all selected by local experts in the know.

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Walk The Walls

The iconic Dubrovnik walls are something special and are what define the old city. They are so special in fact that UNESCO declared the old town of Dubrovnik a world heritage site back in 1979. The walls were constructed between the 13th-16th century, and they have been restored and maintained, through many wars, and events over the centuries. Once on the walls, you’ll get the best view of the city and the Adriatic sea as you circumnavigate the city. It’s a great experience, and you’ll feel like you are stepping back in time.

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Wander Around The Old Town

The old town of Dubrovnik is a site to behold. They have maintained the architecture and charm of the city making it great to explore. Wandering up small alleys and visiting old churches, museums, and other monuments will give you a great feel for the city. Some of the best sites to visit in the old town are the Rectors Palace, Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary with its collection of relics and Titian Polyptich, Dominican Monastery and Museum, Franciscan Monastery, Friars Pharmacy, Sponza Palace and of course the famous Stradun where you should stop for coffee or lunch. The truth is if you just wander and get lost in the old city you will be charmed and find lots of little hidden gems.

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Get a Birds-Eye View of Dubrovnik

For the best view of the entire city take the cable car up Mount Srd where you get panoramic views of the entire old town with the Adriatic Sea as the backdrop. It’s just breathtaking – no words can describe the feeling. Just go.

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Kayak Tours Dubrovnik

Ok, this may seem a little over the top if you’re only spending a day in Dubrovnik, but trust me it’s an excellent and no experience is necessary. You can take a 3 hour guided tour which will show the city from the sea as well take you around Lokrum Island where you’ll stop at a hidden cave beach called Betina. If kayaking is a bit much for you, then you can take a relaxing sunset cruise

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If you want to take it easy – then instead, book a relaxing sunset cruise where you’ll still get the sea views of the city and the best sunset view. Don’t forget your camera.

Take a Dip

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A visit to Croatia without taking a swim in the crystal clear Adriatic is a crime! Fortunately, Dubrovnik’s superb Banje Beach is a stones throw from the Old Town, so those of you that a short on time can take a quick dip and experience the alluring Adriatic for yourselves.

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The question now is when are you coming to visit Dubrovnik?

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