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Graffiti na Gradele is a regional graffiti festival held in Bol this year, from July 28th to July 30th, for the fifth time, and triumphantly celebrating its jubilee. It is situated in the “Fabrika”, an ex fish factory, and an abandoned hotel “Bijela kuća” (“White house”). It is a non-profit and completely voluntary initiative of young people, which aims to gather as many young graffiti artists and musicians as possible from all over the region, so that Bol becomes for a few days a centre for creative work, networking, collaboration and mutual support – and, of course, the pleasures of friendship. For this brief interlude the abandoned hotel complex of “Bijela kuća” will come back to life!

Graffiti na gradele Marko Boko Bol Brač street art Dubrovnik

Marko Boko is one of the founders of this interesting festival. Young, handsome and smart guy devised the concept of pure art at his island. “During the festival there will be numerous graffiti workshops for children and young people, an exhibition of young artists, and skateboard and other sports events. Visitors will also have a relaxing lounge area located next to the beach at their disposal throughout the day”, says Marko and continues “The festival is non-profit and voluntary, all parts of the program are free of charge for all visitors. In addition there will be a discount on various services around Bol for anyone with a festival wristband”.

Bol Brač island street art culture Dubrovnik Marko Boko Graffiti na gradele

Marko’s spice this year’s program whit a variety of amenities, “The program this year includes performances by Krankšvester and Krešo and Žuvi, with the support of the Blaw:Blaw collective, Juicy Croatia, DJ Sinke Fresh and Tikach, and the graffiti writer Lunar – in addition to all these you can expect a few surprise guest appearances!”

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The following musicians will be there: Krankšvester, High5, Krešo and Žuvi, Kuku$, Tibor, Žaegulj and Geralt iz Rivije, Tone Tuoro, Toxara, Zembo & DaMental and Marchello Mede, while Blaw:Blaw, Oliver (Bassinga / Krankšvester), VRH, Tikach, Sinke Fresh, Niki Peducci, Vuk Oreb and Juicy Croatia will be the DJ’s for the program.

Marko Boko Bol Brač Dubrovnik Marko Boko Go Dubrovnik street art

The most active and exciting names in the world of graffiti will be there: Lonac, Lunar, Artez (BG), Chez186, Wuper (BG), Azram (Ljubljana), Artuditu, Bare Pimp my Pump, Modul Osam, Sarme, Anxio, Supernia, Hana, Casino, Royal, Nikola Mihajlovic (BG) and Wens.

Graffiti na gradele bol brač Dubrovnik Marko Boko

This year, Bol is connected with Dubrovnik by ferry. If you want to go to a festival this is the best way. There is a Facebook page for the festival on this link, and you can also see the atmosphere of the last year’s festival in the official after-movie. The festival is part of the Bol cultural summer program, and is held with the support of the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Bol.

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