Here We Come!

From the editor’s desk to you, and by desk I mean a coffee table littered with 3- days old tortilla chips that I’m still picking at.

godubrovnik travel portal

I can tell you right now that the only thing worse than reading an editor’s letter is writing one, so I’m not going to use a bunch of bullshit language about something if I can just get directly to the point, which is that GoDubrovnik is the only travel companion you’ll ever need while in Dubrovnik.

We made an effort to cover the places that tourists might overlook and thrill seekers would likely never see. We are looking between the cracks, not only the marquee attractions.

GoDubrovnik offers you the tips from insiders. We’ve cherry-picked our places, events and things to do while here – it’s like having a friend show you the best spots. GoDubrovnik is a joy to use, whether you just want to find out more about Dubrovnik, or you’re actually planning to spend your holidays in Croatia’s number one destination. If you’re looking for entertainment, a dash of history and the best tips from locals, then you’re on the right place.

Our vocabularies, style and immediate aims are sometimes different, but at the core, we’re concerned with the creation, presentation and quality of content ( text, photography & video) that serves our readers.

goDubrovnik instagram travel portalGoDubrovnik is a team who learned from the best in business and we want to challenge ourselves to write better articles that break new ground. Period. So instead of chasing the highest number of clicks, we will chase and deliver the most valuable information. The kind of information that you actually need.
We know this is a very ambitious idea given the flood of free content on the Internet, but we have a plan; we’ll do more with less, be creative, consistent and ruthlessly focused. These are the challenges that drive us and make us so proud and excited to be launching today.

We are thrilled you’re here to see what we have been building these past few months and to help us take the next step. Make sure you visit our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel.
One more thing – Your opinion is important; if we missed something, please let us know.
Thank you for your support and we are thrilled to see what the future plans for GoDubrovnik. So far, it’s looking pretty good!


Lena Šutić,

Editor in chief