Hiking Near Dubrovnik: Exploring the Natural Beauty of the Adriatic Coast 


Dubrovnik is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and holds strong at the top of many holidaymakers’ must-visit travel destinations. Known for its vibrant sunsets, fascinating culture, and historical architecture, this is a city to be explored on foot. Walking holidays give you a more immersive experience of the local area and Dubrovnik has so much to offer. 

Whether you’re walking the City Walls of Old Town or trekking up the Ronald Brown Pathway, our hiking routes are the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the Adriatic Coast: 

Mount Srd 

Offering some of the most breathtaking views of the famous Old Town Dubrovnik, Mount Srd is one of the most popular hikes in the area. Depending on your preference and skill, you can make the ascent by hopping on the cable car to the top before enjoying the hike back down. For those looking for a challenge, you can skip the cable car completely and make the three-mile climb on foot.  

Gorgeous, panoramic views aside, there is plenty to do once you make it to the top of the mountain. Visit the Croatian War Museum to learn about the cultural history of the area or take a moment to relax and enjoy some local cuisine at the Panorama Restaurant & Bar

Walls of Dubrovnik 

The walk around the city walls gives you an in-depth look at the gothic architecture that is the signature of this Croatian city. The entire trail is just over a mile, taking about two hours along well-cared paved paths and steps that lead you up and into medieval towers and forts at the top. 

This hiking trail is ideal for adventurers of all abilities, and even kids will enjoy this stroll through history. Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik, you’ll get up close and personal with the rich history of this city and experience panoramic views of the Dalmatian Coast, Cetina River, and Mount Srd. 

The Ronald Brown Pathway 

For the more seasoned hikers, the Ronald Brown Pathway is 6.2 miles is full of rough and challenging terrain. But it is worth every step. It should take you a total of five hours to reach the monument at its end, which was built to honour the 35 people who were killed when their plane crashed in 1996. 

This is just one way to explore the Strazisce Peak and offers gorgeous views of Cavtat, Konavle, the Bay of Župa, and Dubrovnik. This winding path is a popular route for birding, so you’re likely to encounter other people on your journey. 

Strazisce Peak 

The striking peak of Strazisce offers superb displays of the Adriatic Sea, Cavtat, and Dubrovnik Old Town off in the distance. With an elevation of 688 metres, this is another lengthy trail that can take over five hours to complete. 

The full version begins from sea level at Cavtat or you can shorten it by starting at the mountain village of Velji Do, where you can begin your hike with a beverage or snack at the local bar.