She is young, she is beautiful – but most important she is a very talented jazz singer: Ines Tricković is in Dubrovnik. She is preparing for us a big concert on the island of Lokrum today, the 23rd of July at 9pm. Tickets are priced at 160 Kuna and are on sale at the offices of the Lokrum Reserve (Od Bosanke 4) and in the Old City harbour at the ticket desk for the Lokrum ferry. A special ferry for the concert will leave at 8.30pm.

music art Lokrum Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik Ines Trickovic Jazz song

This young artist, who spends mmuch of her time between the three bases of Dubrovnik, New York and Macau, caused a sensation in the musical world in April this year when she performed in the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York. That was promotion of her second album “Tales of Quiet Lands and Other Stories”; today audiences have a chance to get that special Carnegie Hall feeling as Ines will perform an identical concert to the one that won the hearts of New Yorkers. Along with her friends, Julian Shore (USA), Joe Pandur (Croatia), Shin Sakaino (Japan) and Alan Polzer (Croatia), the concert is certain to be a magical evening.

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“Jazz is always been part of my life since I was very young. When I was just six years old, I heard the first sound of this music and just fell in love” she said.“By the time I was seventeen I knew about 500 songs to sing. I never went to a music school, so I’m a kind of self-learner who just really enjoys singing and performing” she said. “My first collaboration with a jazz artist was in Zagreb in 2009. But in those days no one was really specialized in jazz”, explained Ines “But I collaborated with Joe Pandur, Goran Rukavina, Kruno Levačić, Zvonimir Šestak and others…”

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“One of my international collaborations was with the famous jazz pianist Aaron Goldberg, that was in 2014. The jazz world is actually really small, so if you get to a certain level you find that everyone knows everyone. No matter where you live and work”, she said. The inspirations for her work include Chet Baker, Bjork, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, John Coltrane – but also nature, the sound of the wind and the sea, birdsongs,the smell of the earth after the rain… but Ines added that the first and principle inspiration for her composing is the feeling that she has when her message gets across to the audience.

music art Lokrum Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik Ines Trickovic Jazz song Pete Thompson

This young artist has spent a lot of time in summer on the island of Lokrum and this is a great chance for her to go back to her past. “I feel actually very relaxed and calm and know it’s a perfect spot to bring my music to a Dubrovnik audience”. Thus Ines brought our brief afternoon conversation to a close –  and left me with a strong desire to listen to her concert today. She offered this message for all of you: “The program is planned to appeal to an audience that has already heard my work – but is also for anyone that will be hearing me for the first time – just as it was in the Carnegie concert. So, if you want to add to your enjoyment of the summer in Dubrovnik with the sound of jazz, then please give me a chance to make your wish come true!”


Photos by: Marija Gaura / Pete Thompson