It’s June, and you’re in Dubrovnik. You don’t know what to do? Well we do! Summer in Dubrovnik is always fun and it’s rich with events so you’ll probably need to make a schedule and a good plan! So, let’s begin.

  • For all those who love classic music and concerts, today there’s a magnificent concert. You will enjoy beautiful compositions written by some of the World’s most famous composers in the Church of the Holy Salvation. Piano will be played by Nene Ćorak, and Slobodan Begić will play on violin. Repeated performances will be on June 15, 22 and June 29.
  • If you’re more into art, today you can visit the exhibition – Ten meetings, by artist Ines Lobaš Kukavčić. The opening is at Dulčić Masle Pulitika gallery, and at Pulitika atelier. You can check it out until June 11th.kolarini
  • For those who like drama performances, visit Theatre of Marin Držić and enjoy the performance of a theatrical group Kolarin. They will perform their latest play – Novela od stanca. This famous piece, written by Marin Držić is directed by Paol Tišljarić. Great thing about this play is that it’s for a good cause! All proceeds from tickets will be donated to the League against cancer for purchase of digital mammography.
  • Let’s not forget the food lovers! A traditional products fair is in Dubrovnik and it will be here until June 11th . Try out delicious products and enjoy domestic vines, fresh and dry figs, homemade brandy and homemade cured meat products.craft beer dubrovnik 2017
  • Moving on to June 9th, prepare yourself for great time at the concert of famous Croatian band Jinx in Solitudo park! The entrance is free !
  • Beer lovers this is for you! From June 9th, to June 10th visit Dubrovnik Craft Beer Festival at auto-camp Solitudo. Enjoy some good music and try out lots of different kinds of beer !folklore ensemble traditional linđo dane Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik dress nošnja style
  • If you want to learn about Dubrovnik’s culture, you simply have to see the folklore ensemble Linđo in Lazareti on June 9th . Traditional songs and dances will make your evening even better! Repeated performances of Linđo will be held on June 13, 20, 23, 27 and June 30.
  • The exhibition of Ljubo Ivančić will be opened at Art gallery Dubrovnik on June 9th at 9 pm. The concept of the exhibition is signed by art historian Zvonko Maković and it’s about thematic solo exhibition of Ljubo Ivančić.dubrovnik orcchesta
  • On June 10th you can enjoy the concert of Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra at 9 pm in Museum of Modern Art. They will also play on June 16,20 and June 23.
  • If you’re more into rock music, go to Dubrovnik Craft Beer Festival and check out the concert of Croatian band Psihomodo pop.revelin dubrovnik
  • And if you’re into clubbing there is a concert of Nicola Fasano at Culture club Revelin at 11 pm.
  • Dance educational association Convivo organises a production of “Tribute to Musicals” of popular musical numbers. It will be at sport hall Gospino polje at 7.30 pm.
  • Orlando Furioso is a new event in the city that will take place from 6th to 16th of June 2017 at two locations – at the Rector’s Palace and at the Museum of Modern Art. It is a cycle of baroque music organised by Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. Through its four concerts, the orchestra will enrich Dubrovnik’s cultural offer with its program. Music Director of this cycle is Dmitry Sinkovsky, a world star of baroque violin, conductor and a contra tenor. This multitalented Russian virtuoso is very well known precisely for performing baroque music.
  • June 15 offers us a premiere at the theatre of Marin Držić – Orpheus in the direction of Pavlica Bajsić Bazzuro. There will be repeated performances on the Bokar Forth on June 19, 20, 21, 22 and June 23.le petit festival dubrovnik
  • Witness the opening of the 13th Le Petit Festival edition that will be held on June 15th at Lazareti. Le Petit Festival is a magical story of falling in love, growing together, and living for the love of peace, beauty and happiness. The theme of Le petit Festival 2017 is Water is life.
  • Those who are looking for party in Dubrovnik can’t miss DJ Esquire in Culture club Revelin on June 16 – starting at 11 pm.
  • We know that there are some of you that just can’t live without ballet! So on June 19th you can enjoy the ballet production of Luka Sorkočević Art School at the Theatre of Marin Držić. The event starts at 8.30 pm.Ana Rucner dubrovnik concert
  • On the first day of Summer, June 21st at 5 AM don’t miss a spectacle! Ana Rucner’s traditional concert on the Srđ hill. This is her 6th concert in Dubrovnik held on the first day of Summer. The entrance is free.midsummer scene
  • Midsummer scene is the only English theatre festival in Southeastern Europe and in the relatively short period of time it has established itself as a major cultural event and as a platform for international concepts and collaborations.Festival Midsummer Scene coincides with the beginning of summer and main stage is Fort Lovrjenac. Strating from June 24th to July 5th.step n jazz dubrovnik
  • Step ‘n’ jazz Dubrovnik will have their final production at Marin Držić theatre on June 27th. They’ll have two plays, first one at 6 pm and second one at 8 pm.
  • Concert of Bebel Gilberto (bossa nova) will be held at park Orsula on June 28th.
  • A real Opera treat held in Dubrovnik is International Opera Arias Festival ‘’Tino Pattiera’’at Rector’s palace. Starts on June 30 at 9.30 pm.

So, now that you have all the events in Dubrovnik for June, you only need to make a good schedule and simply Go for it! During the Summer, Dubrovnik really becomes a town that never sleeps so you can find something special any day and any time. We hope that you’ll enjoy Dubrovnik as much as we do.


Petra Japunčić