Yesterday, The Telegraph published an article named 10 dishes you cannot leave Croatia without trying as a part of series on the best dishes in Europe’s most popular destinations. Since Croatia recently became very popular destination among foodies, this doesn’t surprise at all. However, we are very happy to see some of our favourite dishes on their “menu”. Pag cheese, Octopus salad, Black Risotto, Pasta with truffles, Brudet, Buzara, Fresh Fish, Sarma and Roast Lamb are Telegraph’s favourite picks! If you want to find out what’s on our favourite local food list, take a look at our article on 10 things you must eat in Dubrovnik.

cover orsan
Restaurant Gverovic-orsan

It’s important to mention that two restaurants from Dubrovnik county are on the list –  Konoba Ficović in Hodilje and Restaurant Gverović-Orsan in Zaton.

Restaurant Gverović-Orsan is located in Zaton, a beautiful bay eight kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik. If you haven’t dined here yet, we encourage you to do it this summer. The Telegraph wrote about their fabulous Balck risotto “Orsan” , but we also have to mention our personal favourite – Brodet.  We tried it last summer, and we still can’t stop thinking about it. You can find out more about our experience in our article. Celebrities like Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Bono Wox, Carolina de Monaco, Lisa Kudrow, Daniel Day-Lewis, some popular football players, numerous politicians and Russian millionaires loved it here, so we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

Brodet at Restaurant Gverović-Orsan
Brodet at Restaurant Gverović-Orsan
Escallop at Restaurant Gverović-Orsan
The fabulous terrace at Gverović-Orsan