Jeremy Carne must take the cake for having the most fun job of all time. He basically makes a living out of having a blast with his friends. For the past five years he has been the digital producer for the much-loved comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, hosts of the highest-rated radio series in Australian history, the Hamish & Andy Show on the Today Network. But now you’re gonna see how romantic Jeremy can be. This boy is crazy in love, because he was traveling about 30 hours just to see his girlfriend here in Croatia in Dubrovnik. We asked him for one quick interview about his interesting trip.

romantic Australia Croatia Adriatic sea Dubrovnik GoDuborvnik

What was your main reason for coming to Croatia?

To surprise my girlfriend Michelle who was travelling there.

Where have you been – and what do you like best about Croatia?

We did a boat trip from Dubrovnik to Split, stopping at little places along the way like Hvar, where we did jet skiing (seen at the end of the video). My favorite aspect of Croatia is the sun and sea, set in beautiful locations. The coast is spectacular, the sea is refreshing and clean, and the people are friendly, a beautiful spirit!

romantic Australia Croatia Adriatic sea Dubrovnik GoDuborvnik lover

What is your favorite place in Dubrovnik?

The Old Town. It’s wonderful! Everything from exploring the streets and views, to dinner at sunset.