Suitable Colors For Homecoming Dresses As Per Your Zodiac Sign


Aries. (March 21 – April 19 ) Ram – Red

A major trait in the people with Aries zodiac sign is that they try crazy things that no one else would have the confidence to rock. 

Red, the warmest and the most ambiguous color that matches your fierce personality. 

You can go for simple yet classy Homecoming dresses that you know no one else could carry, the way you would. 

Taurus.( April 20 – May 20 ) Bull – Green

You have a great eye for catching up on the trend, however, you play safe and wait until the fashion is tested by others. 

The color of nature, green, firmly connects to your personality – reliable and trustworthy. 

Keeping your character aside, why not, try something new this time like cool Homecoming dresses!

Go for a timeless mini silhouette stone stretch outfit before anyone else picks it up in your circle. 

Gemini. ( May 21 – June 20 ) Twins – Yellow

Stubborn is the most noticed trait in a Gemini. Let’s be honest, we know that for months you know what you are going to walk into wearing to your Homecoming party. 

Yellow is your color!

It boosts your spirit and brings about more bright ideas. 

With your eyes on the prize, if you have not already chosen one, then you can go for a classy Homecoming that has an edge. 

Cancer. (June 21 – July 22) Crab – White & Silver

Cancarian women are most likely seen sticking up to what they know and has worked out for them till date!

Silver and white are shades of wisdom and purity, much like the shimmering surface of water or the bright face of the Moon, matching your charm and beauty. 

Opt for an elegant maxi gown with intricate detailing and embellishments that you can  translate into more fancy attire with changing your accessories, hair and makeup. 

Leo. ( July 23 – Aug 22) Lion – Gold

As suggested by the symbol, leo people are headstrong and confident in everything they do or wear. 

Gold is your color, apart from that purple and red colors are also suitable for you.

Go for a more adventurous trend that sure will turn heads and make you the center of attraction, anywhere you go!

How cool would that be for your big Homecoming night? 

Virgo. (Aug 23 – Sept 22) Virgin – Green & Brown

Hey Virgo ladies, though you may want to be the adventous one, you mostly hesitate when it comes down to the wire. 

Rest assured to stick to your gut and don’t get too crazy hunting for the dress. 

Go for colors like brown and green, it keeps you stablized and grounded. 

Opt for an outfit that’s classic in shape and has detailings that will set you apart from the rest!

Libra. Sept 23 – Oct 22)Balance – Pink & Blue 

In terms of fashion, Libra women are often noticed to stick to timeless classics which gratefully excude their personality with grace. 

Pink and light blue are your colors that keep your character very cool, calm, and soothing. It brings out your loving and gentle essence. 

Channel all your fashion sense while picking up your classy or simple Homecoming dresses, whatever suits your taste!

Scorpio. (Oct 23 – Nov 21) Scorpion – Black 

With the capability of being the leader of the pack, it usualy may come into your dressing as well. 

You would be the first one among your circle to try out all the trending runway fashions, keep up with it!

Scorpions being deeply fascinated and transformation-oriented, black or dark enigmatic colors would work well for you!

Pair black with any color of your choice to bring about an outfit of your dreams. 

Sagittarius. ( Nov 22 – Dec 21) Archer – Purple

The archer trait among the Saggitarius women always hunts for the bold looks that requires as little fuss as possible. 

You being among one of these women, trust us dark purple shades are for you.

Homecoming is just the night for you to go on and throw a silhouette that gives you that edge you are looking for!

Capricorn. (Dec 22 – Jan 19) Goat – Brown & Grey

Being more calculated and forward thinker than the rest, Capricorns are most likely to stick to their tried and tested fashion choices only. 

But why should you even stick to the basics?

Widen your horizons and explore the Homecoming dresses in colors that work well for you like grey and brown!

Aquarius. (Jan 20 – Feb 18 ) The Water Bearer  – Sky Blue

Well-versed with the biggest trends of the season, Aquarians always have very sartorial choices. 

Wishing to choose to drop jaws, then sky blue color classy Homecoming dresses must be your first choice. 

The dress combined with your charisma would work wonders for you at your step you take!

Pisces. (Feb 19 – March 20) Fish – Light Green

Most of the Pisces women are noticed to have somewhat bohemian style or more tailored silhouettes than usual. 

No matter, long or short dress you go for, keeping it in light green color would add radiance and grace to appeal. 

Now that you know what colors vibe in with your zodiac signs and personality, why not give it a try? Visit Homecoming dresses online stores to find something that pleases you well!