If you love good food then you probably already know about Tastemade, a global community of food and travel lovers. One of their features is a series of films called Local Flight in which Shawn Thomas travels the world meeting cutting edge mixologists and challenging them to create amazing cocktails using unique local ingredients.

Recently he has been in Dubrovnik and the result is a film about the making of a cocktail called Neptune’s Cup. Together with Marjan Lipanovic, a bartender in Culture Club Revelin, they collect the ingredients, which include an orange, sundried figs from a nearby market and salt from a 4,000-year-old salt mine – and an oyster!

tastemade Dubrovnik cocktail Croatia video

It makes for an unusual way to get to know Dubrovnik and its surroundings! The video can be seen on the Tastemade website.



News source: The Dubrovnik Times