The Top CBD Bath Bombs and Salts for Pain Relief and Inflammation

CBD Bath Bombs

Like traditional bath bombs, CBD bath bombs are sphere-shaped products you can add to your water for a soothing, relaxing bathing experience. These balls contain baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils. Their ingredients create a fizzing reaction when dissolved in water.

But how do CBD bath bombs differ from their traditional counterparts? CBD bath balls are infused with CBD, a key cannabis ingredient. You can use these bathing products to relax your body, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety. This post discusses the top CBD bath bombs. It also educates you on selecting the most appropriate product for your needs. Keep reading to benefit more. 

Remember, CBD products made from pure hemp provide the utmost quality. Pure hemp-derived CBD products are rich in cannabidiol, which means they are highly potent and effective. So, if you want to get the most out of your CBD bath bombs, make sure they come from a reputable source that uses pure hemp.

Top CBD Bath Bombs and Salts

Our list features the top seven bath salts you can try this season. You can get more information on these products at

#1 Joy Organics Lavender CBD Bath Bombs

This broad-spectrum bath bomb from Joy Organics contains zero THC. The product is infused with organic aromatic lavender oil. It contains organic coconut and cocoa butter seed butter. This combination soothes your skin and gives a relaxing, natural aroma.


  • It comes in a pack of 4 balls.  
  • It has a natural, soothing smell.
  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee and free shipping. 


  • The product contains coconut oil, which makes it unsuitable for allergic users.
  • Its citric acid content can irritate consumers with sensitive skin. 
  • The bath bombs are a bit small.

#2 CBDfx Soothing Lavender Bath Bomb

This product contains pure CBD. It also features lavender, an ingredient known for its relaxing effect. That is why lavender is used in aromatherapy. No wonder studies indicate that lavender lowers anxiety with anxiety disorders. During the abovementioned study, subjects who experienced this benefit took 160 mg lavender oil capsules.

This product also includes Hawaiian black salt, which has skin-softening properties, according to the manufacturer’s claims. This product is vegan and cruelty-free. However, it features citric acid and sulfates that could irritate some users’ skin. Users allergic to coconut oil should also avoid this product.


  • It offers a soothing and softening effect.
  • The product’s manufacturer is vegan.
  • It’s cruelty-free.
  • Its balls are made with US-grown, non-GMO hemp.
  • Users enjoy a 60-day guarantee. 


  • The package’s bombs aren’t available in packs; you must purchase them separately if needed. 
  • Its balls contain citric acid, which could irritate users with sensitive skin.
  • The product features coconut oil, which is an allergen for some people. 
  • Its balls contain sulfate. 

#3 Nature’s Script the Pasithea – CBD Bath Bomb Packs

This product is another alternative you can explore. It comes as a set of CBD bath bombs from Nature’s Script. The pack contains three bath balls, each containing 75 mg of CBD. It has undergone third-party lab testing to guarantee purity, safety, and efficacy. The lab report confirms that the bath bomb’s CBD concentration is indicated precisely. You may also view its CoA certificate on the manufacturer’s website. 

Its balls are made with US-grown hemp and contain CBD isolate. Other ingredients include fragrances, sweet almond oil, olive oil, and natural colorants. Its pricing is fair, averaging $0.09 per mg of CBD.


  • It has undergone comprehensive third-party lab testing.
  • It has high potency.
  • It includes added beneficial ingredients.


  • It doesn’t contain other cannabis elements.

#4 Foria Wellness Bath Salts With CBD & Lavender 200mg

This bath product from Fiora has relaxing botanicals and is ideal for bedtime bathing. It’s made with broad-spectrum CBD extracted from naturally grown US hemp. Other ingredients include lavender, ginger, and calendula extracts, giving you a refreshing scent. Its additional components are Epsom salt, coconut oil, dendritic salt, sweet orange essential oils, and Kava root extract. This organic product is vegan and cruelty-free.

These bath bombs undergo independent lab testing to confirm purity, efficacy, and safety levels. The product’s price is fair, given it costs $0.10 per mg of CBD. You also enjoy an extensive assistance program with extensive educational materials on the brand’s website. 


  • It undergoes comprehensive independent lab testing.
  • It includes added essential ingredients.
  • It’s purely vegan and cruelty-free. 
  • Customers enjoy an extensive assistance program.
  • It has a reward program.


  • It has no full-spectrum version.

#5 CBDfx CBD Bath Bombs

This bath bomb product from CBDfx features organic 99% CBD isolate. It’s made to help relieve body tension and promote overall relaxation. The product elevates an evening bath by blending botanicals and essential oils.

Its calming formula included lemongrass and chamomile. The product’s hydrating power lies in the mango and shea butter, while lavender oil and Hawaiian black salt ensure its soothing effect. It also contains eucalyptus and spearmint oils to offer a rejuvenating impact. 


  • It contains high CBD levels. 
  • The product has trace THC amounts. 
  • It’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


  • It lacks unscented options.
  • It isn’t dye-free.

#6 Mad Ritual CBD Bath Bombs

Full-spectrum cannabis users have something to smile about – Mad Ritual CBD Bath Bombs. The bomb set contains baking soda, coconut oil, essential oils, citric acid, Epsom salt, corn starch, and full-spectrum hemp oil.

You can also use it in four scent variants and one unscented version. These combinations include:

  • Sandalwood and vetiver.
  • Bergamot and orange. 
  • Lavender and frankincense.
  • Eucalyptus and peppermint.


  • It has an unscented option.
  • It’s dye-free.
  • It comes in a 50 mg potency.


  • It’s more expensive than competitor products.
  • It doesn’t fit users seeking a 0% THC product. 

#7 Vital You Serenity CBD Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is one of the best bets for users seeking a refreshing product when feeling overworked, stressed, and restless. It’s made with 50 milligrams of CBD isolate and contains many assistive ingredients, such as Celtic sea salt, lavender oil, and Roman chamomile oil. This powerful combination promotes a calming sensory experience.


  • It’s THC-free.
  • It’s naturally dyed with organic blueberry powder.


  • It’s less potent than its alternatives. 

Tips for Choosing the Best CBD Bath Bombs and Salts for Pain Relief

So, how do you select a CBD bath bomb? What criteria should you use to be sure your preferred product offers you real value for money and time? Here are the top factors to consider before settling for CBD-infused bath salt. 

Third-party Testing

Ensure the product’s manufacturer has a third-party lab test result in compliance with ISO 17025 standards. These standards guarantee product efficacy, safety, and purity. The independent lab also issues a certificate of analysis (CoA), which potential buyers can read online. The CoA confirms the product’s CBD levels and the presence or absence of molds, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants in its raw materials.

CBD Type 

Understanding your bath bomb’s CBD category is also crucial. All CBD products come in three forms: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Isolate CBD is the purest form without other cannabinoids, while broad-spectrum contains other cannabinoids except for THC. The full-spectrum CBD type includes all cannabis ingredients. 

Added Ingredients

Consider your bath salt’s added ingredients before buying. Ensure the non-CBD ingredients benefit your skin. Double-check the contents if you are allergic to anything. 


Your preferred bath bomb must contain US-grown hemp. If you are vegan, ensure the product has zero non-plant ingredients. 


Figure out your bath bomb’s price before buying it. Determine its cost per one milligram of CBD to ensure it gives you value for your money.


Product dosage is another consideration before buying a CBD bath bomb. For instance, taking 100 mg of CBD at once may be too much for beginners. However, that amount would be safe to use in a bath bomb. CBD has a lower absorption level when used externally and works mainly on the skin. 

Trust Indicators 

Look for user trust indicators and brand reputation before choosing a bath bomb and salt. This criterion is critical because all CBD products are made and meant for users. If consumers don’t trust the product, don’t waste your money and time on it. You can determine the bath bomb’s trust level through the following: 

  • Credible customer reviews.
  • Finding out if the product’s manufacturer has received an FDA warning letter. 
  • Checking if the product’s manufacturer makes any unsupported health claims that could risk your health or money. 

Final Thoughts 

There you go with the top seven CBD bath bombs and salts for 2023. You are also abreast of how you can choose the right one for your bathing needs. The ball is in your court to use this information to make the correct decision. 

Tia Moskalenko, a full-time writer at AskGrowers, has composed this article to provide expert advice and consumer guidance for fans of CBD bath bombs. Tia works in close contact with many cannabis brands and shares safe consumer tips to spread word of mouth about CBD products’ health benefits.