What’s on this month in Dubrovnik

If you chose March for your visit to Dubrovnik, you might not experience the full potential of this destination when it comes to summer activities, but you will surely have lots to see and do! Here are some events that might interest you.

Darth Vader exclusive interview with Go Dubrovnik
Star Wars shooting
If you see Storm troopers and Darth Vader walking around the streets of Dubrovnik, it’s because the shooting of Episode VIII of famous movie saga Star Wars takes place here 9th until 16th of March. The whole city looks more like a film studio than an ancient culture center. Even if you’re not a fan of Star Wars, being part of this will surely make your visit to Dubrovnik unforgettable.

mercedes dubrovnik
Mercedes Global Training
You might not be bath in the sea or spend days at the beach if you’re visiting Dubrovnik in March, but what might make up for it is the fact you’ll be able to be among the first ones to see the newest Mercedes E-Class! Mercedes Benz is holding its Global Training here in Dubrovnik and on that occasion there are cars exhibited on the main street Stradun. If you’re lucky, you might be able to even sit behind the wheel of one of them during the open days.

dubrovnik art and culture
Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra Concert
Not all major cultural events take place during summer! If you’re a fan of classical music, you should definitely go to a Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra concert. On March 12th there’s a Christian Culture Days Concert that will be held in the Dominican Church at 8 PM. Opera fans should go to a Lenten Concert that will take place on March 19th in the Cathedral at 7.30 PM. Tickets can be bought at the entrance.

water polo jug dubrovnik sport
Sports Game
One of the favorite sports for locals is surely waterpolo which is why these games are usually followed by an incredible atmosphere with loud cheering. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be part of a spectacle and go see a game on March 12th at the Gruž pool when local club Jug is playing against Pro Recco at 6 PM.
If you’re more into football, there’s a game on March 18th when a local futsal club Square plays against Novo Vrijeme from Zagreb. It’s first league so you will surely enjoy seeing some 1st class football. The game starts at 7 PM in the sports hall in Gospino Polje.

Exhibition by Bogdan Bogdanović
Art and culture is what this city is made of which is why you should go and see an exhibition by a great architect, sculptor and writer Bogdan Bogdanović named “The Cursed Builder”. It’s open until 13th of March in the Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery.


By Danijela DeMarin