Top 5 Things To Do On A Luxury Yacht Charter – Croatia


There is nothing more relaxing than embracing the gentle breeze on a luxury yacht through the blue seas with your family and friends. Croatia’s cities are quickly becoming the rising hotspots of the Mediterranean, thanks to the beautiful coastline and popular luxury yacht charters. 

With their scintillating history, ancient towns, secret islands, breathtaking scenery, and friendly culture, Croatian destinations are must-visits for yacht enthusiasts.

This article will look at the top five things to do on a Croatian luxury yacht charter.

1. Explore The Secluded Bays

When we hear about yacht charters in Croatia, we instantly think of the popular hotspots like Brac and Split. However, some hidden beaches offer tourists crystal-clear bays, exquisite anchorages, rich art, and even mouth-watering cuisine. 

The list of such secluded bays includes Šolta, Barbariga, Betina Špilja (Dubrovnik), Gradac, Kraljičina plaža, Luka, Mala Kolumbarica, Nugal, Proizd, and Saplunara.  

Each of these destinations offers a unique experience to make your Yacht charter Croatia all the more enriching. For example, Šolta presents tourists with exquisite art exhibitions, Betina Špilja offers a pebble beach and a secluded cave, and the unfrequented beach of Gradac is ideal for couples to enjoy the sun, swim, drink beer, and check the local restaurants without jostling shoulders with crowds. 

Kraljičina plaža in Nin should be preferred by those who like to dip in a sandy and shallow beach and enjoy beach bars afterward. Finally, the eastern coast of Luka in Rakalj is a lovely spot to enjoy skiing and kayaking.

2. Indulge In Water sports

Besides enjoying the views from your luxurious yacht, the next best option is to enjoy the pristine waters by participating in engaging water sports. Swimming is the most effortless activity that requires no equipment or preparation. Some luxurious yachts have swimming pools onboard where your children and older family can easily taste the waters.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are some exciting underwater activities through which you can explore the beautiful marine life. Scuba diving offers a close underwater view, while snorkeling lets you enjoy the mesmerizing aquatic elements and coral reefs from above. 

Mala Maslinica at Šolta island is particularly famous for snorkeling, as it offers a closer view of many rusted remains of ships. Remember that snorkeling and scuba diving require prior training, and you must be physically fit enough to partake in these adventurous activities.   

Kayaking can be an excellent option for people aiming for a more serene water adventure. A kayak trip will present you with the tranquility and vast beauty of the Croatian islands, and you can sit back and enjoy, treating your eyes, viewing the open sea, and traveling through the new and old olive forests. 

3. Walk Through The Old Cities 

From the Great Wall of Croatia to the medieval city of Dubrovnik, the nation has some excellent destinations in store for yacht enthusiasts. Standing on the Dalmatian coast, the old Croatian town of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was a vital merchant town in the 13th century. 

Despite surviving an earthquake in 1667 and being attacked by foreign armies in the 20th century, most of Dubrovnik’s historical monuments stand unharmed. The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, the church of St. Blasius, and the Franciscan Monastery are some of the historical attractions of Dubrovnik.

The historic Walls of Ston on the Peljesac Peninsula, built in the 14th century, is the most extended fortress design in Europe and should be on your bucket list. For a quiet retreat, visit Lokrum Island, which has a rich history. You can quickly grasp the ancient flavor of the place when you visit sites like the majestic Lokrum Monastery and the 19th-century summer dwelling of Maximilian of Habsburg.  

4. Taste The Local Seafood Specialties And Wine

Feasting on the delicious seafood delights has to be one of the most enjoyable perks of a Croatian yacht charter. Mediterranean dishes are one of the most nutritious cuisines and an absolute feast of taste and aromas, with stunning colors and textures the foodie in you will enjoy.  

From the exotic black risotto to the more typical mussels and oysters, there are endless seafood items to try during your vacation. Some special seafood delicacies of Croatia include the savory flavored Kamenice s Limunom (Oysters with Lemon Juice), the juicy Hobotnica pod Pekom (Octopus Peka), the appetizing Salata od Hobotnice, the salty and spicy Mussels alla Buzara, and the traditional fish broth of the country called Brodet.

The Dalmatian coastline’s vineyards are also famous for their fine wine of indigenous grape sorts. So, also check out the local wineries too. 

5. Enjoy Boat Parties

A yacht party on the backdrop of the blue seas and open sky differs from everything else you have experienced. Suppose you have been pondering over a celebration of a special occasion or throwing a surprise party for your dearest. In that case, a yacht party can be perfect for a memorable festivity. 

You can utilize the luxury yacht’s decor amenities to throw a bachelor party, a masquerade ball, or your marriage anniversary ceremony. 

The Bottom Line

A luxury yacht charter vacation in Croatia offers exhilarating and relaxing activities to make the most of your time. Create a solid itinerary and know the local customs and regulations to enjoy your yacht charter candidly.