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Day 4 – Lokrum and a Buggy Safari under a Perfect Sunset

We woke up early and went to the Old City to take the boat that took us to Lokrum island, famous for its nature (as well for its naturists), for its beauty and for its curse: it is said that whoever wishes to possess the island shall perish, and no one is allowed to stay the night under equally dire threats. For both its history and its nature it is a perfect day trip – accompanied by the friendly and majestic peacocks that wander around the island’s monuments.

Back from the island, we met the GoDubrovnik team and head to the imposing mountains that surround the city. There, we get our helmets and our protective glasses and jump into the buggies for an adrenaline-and-fun-packed safari, after which Croatia left us with one of those life-lasting memories of a particularly magnificent sunset. Afterwards, we had an unforgettable taste of Croatian cuisine at the Konoba Dubrava, while we also cheered for our hosts in the EuroCup.

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Day 5 – Scuba Diving & a Walk on the Wall

Croatia makes you feel at home, even if you, an habitual traveller like me, can hardly recall what it feels to be at home, but it also challenges you to take one step further, by land or sea. So there we went, accompanied by the GoDubrovnik team, to see another face of the hypnotizing Croatian blue sea.

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We were carefully trained, instructed and ready to scuba diving. It is not easy, but once you learn how to breathe, and that you realize your instructor is always nearby to hold your hand, you just let yourself be lost under the sea, wishing time could stop so that you could spent even one more instant registering the wonder of undersea nature that is around you. Having descended to explore the bottom, it was now time to explore the top: at sunset we walked the Walls of Dubrovnik, seeing the city, the harbour and the sea from above, a tour that is worth every single step you take.

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Day 6- Boat tour, or “how do I move to Croatia?”

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Since day one, Croatian people won our hearts and souls: they are warm like the summer wind, with a deep knowledge of their land, proud of its beauty and its history, which they share gladly, as they share their truest smiles and positive approach to life. Luka, our boat skipper from Adriatic Explore, was the essence of that Croatian spirit, and he navigated us around the purest emerald-green sea surrounding the Elafiti islands, as he enchanted us with stories of the land and of the people. We jumped into the sea and into the experience, and what an experience did BOWA offere us! An open restaurant with two exclusive terraces right on the edge of the sea, where you just wish you could stop time and remain there forever.

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The only thing that made parting more acceptable was the prospect of more and more of the crystal-clear Croatian sea and its beaches, and Luka made us all wonder ‘how does one move to Croatia…?’ After that, a barbecue dinner at Rixos was the perfect opportunity for us to recall another unforgettable day.

Day 7 – Sun, History and Dinner by the Harbour

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The day started with us relaxing once again on the Rixos sun deck and pool area, and we then returned to the Old City to visit some of its many gems: the Franciscan Monastery and its lovely garden, as well as its pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe, where we bought some beauty souvenirs: luxurious hand-creams smelling of lemon and summer, and rich and soothing almond creams to preserve our tan. Once in the shopping mood, we followed the advice in GoDubrovnik and visited the Bonovo shoe store, were we bought as many pairs of the trendy Startas sneakers as were available in our sizes. To end the day, we had dinner at Poklisar, a restaurant located right  by the harbour, where the piano provides the perfect soundtrack to the delicious food, wine and view. It was just what we needed, as we were saying goodbye to Dubrovnik the next day with our minds and hearts full of joy, of summer, of history and beauty without parallel in all my travels.

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As I write now I am enduring a rainy and grey Danish summer, but the memories of Dubrovnik are enough to nurture the warmth in anyone’s soul. I will be back, and I hope to meet you there, in this enchanting place that is better than fiction, better than imagination and better than anywhere else I have ever been.