Fans of digital technology are now dying to get a glimpse of the digital marvel that is Estonia. About 99% of Estonian state services are digitally based, for the benefit of citizens. The place is the perfect haven for many business owners and technology enthusiasts who want to live in a country that has successfully digitized almost all aspects of life. It is called by many “e-Estonia” and for a good reason. From e-Residency to Skype, government leaders surely made leaps and bounds in Estonian technology over the years. Here are the most notable achievements.

estonia tallin

E-Residency Program

The e-Residency initiative was produced by the Estonian government, offering a government-issued digital identity and status, which enables the owners to have access to the digital business environment of the country. The opportunity offered by the Estonia e-citizenship warrants that digital entrepreneurs start an online EU-based company, which is something that is difficult to come by in third world countries or even other European countries. One of the best things about digital entrepreneurship is that business owners will operate anywhere in the world, as long as they have online access to work data and a laptop. There is no paper hassle or a physical place to go to to finish your work. 

Digitized Government

Estonians have the most developed government in Europe and maybe in the entire world. Almost all government administration processes are carried out online. Citizens are in luck, as they can enjoy governmental services from the comfort of their own home. However, other services, like real-estate transactions and marriage, require that they actually go out to see to their completion. Almost all schools adopt an e-system that offers students digital study materials which they can easily access, not to mention that you can set a business online within an hour and even pay fines online.


estonia e-banking

Most bank branches are closing in Estonia, simply because there is no use for them anymore. With 99% of bank transactions occurring online and the banks encouraging citizens to ID cards to complete their transactions, Estonian e-banking is the most technologically advanced banking system up-to-date. They also offer high-quality banking services and are giving away free card readers. Banks can be accessed anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or a computer.

Skype and Peer-to-Peer Online Calls Software

Skype was just a start-up company in Estonia in 2003, but it later has turned out to be one of the most used platforms for online calls, both on phones and computers, with users from all around the world accounting for 300 million. It was also Estonian developers who have created the first online platform to use any computer as a telephone. In addition to this, the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has expanded more than ever in Estonia to bring people from all around the world closer together.

estonia voip

The technological expansion in Estonia has greatly influenced the digital world. It definitely has shown a great impact on entrepreneurship as well as immigration. Despite the huge success of these initiatives we see now, it is expected to reach a higher peak in the next 5 or 10 years, something that will prompt other countries to digitize their own systems as well to make life easier for all citizens.