The main do’s and don’ts of TikTok promotion in 2022 

promotion on tik tok

Each social media has its trends in promotion – TikTok is not an exception, but we’d say, that catching up with them on this platform is hard, because the tempo of its development is way faster then on any other social net currently. We’ve decided to write this article to make it clear: what should you do to promote your page and what you should avoid doing? Is there a need in using a chance to buy TikTok followers (spoiler: there is! a big one) and what’s important to remember while filming your clips. Let’s figure it out together!

Don’t follow the trends blindly 

First of all we’d like to accentuate that the times when following all the trends worked have gone to the past. Today is the time of being conscious about your content and following a wholesome strategy in posting and creating videos; therefore, if you’re willing to make your clips viral, you first need to figure out your own theme and strategy, create a content plan or at least its blueprint and only after that proceed to TikTok video editing & working on clips themselves. Don’t disperse on everything you see and find catchy; it won’t help you, as a content creator, grow. 

Take your time to choose the music 

Music is key – and it can be either something that’s banging on TikTok right now, or something new. Who knows, maybe you’re going to become a creator of the next trend? The most important thing here is to make it suited to the stylistics and the plot of the video. There should be a bond that’s noticeable and that adds to the video itself; so make sure you’ve tried out several options and have chosen the best one of them. 

Support your content via paid services 

Don’t underestimate the power of paid promotion – you surely can create brilliant content, but without support (especially, if you’re novice) you won’t be able to get far. An opportunity to buy real TikTok followers by itself can give you a lot. The preferable way of using them would look like that: post several clips that have a potential to become viral and then purchase a reasonable for your current account’s size package of subscribers. If these are going to be real (for example, Viplikes and Soclikes are offering real subs), TikTok algorithms will notice that your content is interesting to actual people and will start showcasing it to people who might be potentially interested in it. 

Have a clear plot behind your clip

As we have said, the times of blindly following trends have come to the past. Your clips should have a very clear and readable plot and engage people with their helpfulness, humor or liveliness, generally, they should have that “something” in them that would catch people’s attention and make them want to watch till the end. Creating worthy content takes a lot of time, you should never think that you’re going to make it work in several minutes and have material that’s ready to post. Filming process might take up to several hours, plus the time for processing – so get ready to invest your own time and effort (and money for the paid services) if you’re minding serious business.