Best Dubrovnik Kayak Tour 2022

Dubrovnik Kayak Tour

Explore the hidden caves, beaches, and mesmerizing Elaphite Islands in the most exciting way by going on Dubrovnik Kayak Tour! Discover Dubrovnik’s Old Town from a unique perspective while having a fun ride across the Adriatic Sea. Trust us, there is no better way to escape the city rush and beat the summer heat than by going on a kayaking adventure! 

Why should you go on a kayaking tour?

Kayaking around Dubrovnik’s city walls is definitely one of the best things to do while spending your vacation in Dubrovnik. Accompanied by expert tour guides, you will be able to experience the city of Dubrovnik to the fullest! They will show you all the secret locations and hidden landscapes while telling you about the city’s fascinating historical facts that you won’t hear anywhere else! 

Dubrovnik Kayak Tour

The best time to go on a Dubrovnik Kayak Tour

When it comes to choosing the best season for kayaking in Dubrovnik, the short answer would be – summer. The reason is obvious, you will be able to swim in the warm sea, and you won’t need as much equipment as you would need for winter kayaking. Spring and Autumn are also nice seasons for kayaking, depending on the sea temperatures. As long as you have the right kayaking equipment, colder water shouldn’t be a problem.

Highlights of Dubrovnik Kayaking Tour

Lokrum Island

 Embark on an exciting kayaking trip in Dubrovnik, paddle out to Lokrum while admiring Dubrovnik’s city walls from a completely new perspective. Explore the hidden beaches and caves along the coast, and take some time to swim and snorkel in the mesmerizing blue and the turquoise Adriatic Sea.

Betina Cave 

Betina cave is a beautiful natural hidden cave located directly in the rock, and it is only reachable from the sea by boat or kayak. It’s very unusual, beautiful and tranquil. The sun throws its rays here just for a couple of morning hours. For most of the day, you will be in shadow, and the sea breeze will chill you out even more.

Elaphite Islands 

On Dubrovnik Kayaking Tour, you will also have an opportunity to discover the Elaphite Islands –  a group of 13 islands and islets west of Dubrovnik. Some say their name came from the Greek word “elaphos,” meaning the Deer Islands, because of the deers which used to inhabit them. Others claim it is because they are shaped in the form of deer. Either way, there are lots of reasons to visit them. 

Dubrovnik Kayak Tour

Good to know before going on a Dubrovnik Kayak Tour

Book your kayaking tour in advance!

We highly recommend booking a Dubrovnik Kayak Tour in advance. That way, not only will you save your money, but you will also avoid all complications and make your stay in Dubrovnik much more enjoyable. 

Bring a bottle of water and snacks with you

Kayaking is one of the most demanding water sports, and it takes a lot of strength to endure the entire tour, especially a half-day sea kayaking tour. This is why staying hydrated is key, as well as bringing fruit snacks to keep your energy levels up throughout the activity. 

Wear sunscreen! 

We strongly recommend wearing sunscreen with high SPF, especially if you plan on going on a kayaking tour in the morning or during the afternoon hours. 

Explore all the nearby places 

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the hidden caves and unique areas around Dubrovnik that are only accessible by the sea. Follow your tour guide and listen to the interesting stories he has to tell about the places you pass. 

Dubrovnik Kayak Tour

FAQ – Dubrovnik Kayak Tour 

Is going on a Kayaking Tour in Dubrovnik worth it?

A kayaking tour in Dubrovnik is undoubtedly worth your time and money. On a kayaking tour, you’ll be able to discover all the sites around Dubrovnik that are only accessible by sea. Spend some time swimming, snorkeling, or cliff jumping at Betina Cave. Also, you will have an opportunity to hear fascinating stories and learn more about the surrounding islands from your tour guide. 

What is the best time of the day for Kayaking in Dubrovnik?

This totally depends on your preferences. You can take a sunrise, afternoon, or sunset tour. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before going on a kayaking tour. In the morning, the sea is often calm, making kayaking easy and relaxing. During the afternoon hours, there is usually some wind, especially in the summer. We recommend taking a sunset kayaking tour of Dubrovnik if you want to see the city’s iconic landmarks as the sun sets. 

Should I book Dubrovnik Kayak Tour in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book your Dubrovnik Kayak Tour in advance. By doing so, you will avoid all possible complications and you will secure your spot. 

How much does Dubrovnik Kayak Tour cost?

Dubrovnik Kayaking tours vary in price. They can cost anywhere from 25€ up to 50€, or more. It all depends on what kind of kayaking tour you book and what is included in it. To help you save your money and time, we selected the best-value kayaking tour in Dubrovnik! 


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