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Photo by : Božo Prlenda

1.Too much culture
Dubrovnik is full of culture as most over- seas places are. That isn’t usually a bad thing at all, but in Dubrovnik, culture can be overwhelming. Vibrant and interesting, it’s definitely not for you if you like boring stuff.


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2. Dubrovnik people think they have the best beaches. We highly doubt you’ll find anyone who thinks that beaches are better anywhere else.


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3. Too much fresh food.
This is a fair warning for those of you who just love greasy fried food. Dubrovnik is full of fresh food! Seafood, organic veggies and food… So annoying…I mean, who would want to eat fresh?


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4. People in Dubrovnik eat and drink coffee outdoors. They just have a thing about being outdoors. If you are in Dubrovnik for the dining experience, then you’ll notice that almost every restaurant has tables outside. Most of the time you may find yourself eating out in the open inhaling the sea breeze.


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5. Dubrovnik fish has to swim three times. First it swims in the sea, then in olive oil during cooking, and then in wine as part of the dinner. Freshly caught and prepared  for your enjoyment.


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6. Wine is just too hard to pronounce. Plavac Mali, Pošip, and our favourite – Grk. Getting to know our wines is a challenge. But who knows? Maybe after a few glasses of the best European wine you even start speaking Croatian.


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7. The city is made of stone !? The houses, forts, streets, churches. Stone, stone, and more stone. There is basically no skyscrapers. Zero. None. Nada.


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8.The Locals are too friendly. They will always give you the right directions. They will offer you food, food, and some more food. They will embrace you and they will drink with you. Their casa is su casa. Their mom is your mom. Who would want that anyway ?


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9.Too many islands. I mean, there is 223 Islands in Dubrovnik area to be exact. Who wants to visit islands!?!!! BOOOORING!!


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10.Summer is just too hot! More than 250 sunny days in a year. And beaches are everywhere. What to do with the non-stop sunshine, clear blue sea and all those cocktails?