7 Best Snowy Destinations For Travel This Winter

Snowy Destinations For Travel This Winter

Have you ever come across a quote, ‘I really can’t stay; I’ve got to go away. Baby, it’s cold outside.’ Well, in several countries, it’s pretty cold outside this time around. Tis’ the season to be happening and jolly, and what better way to be in the festive spirit than to take a trip around the globe, visiting some of the best snowy and wintery destinations? The Danish word ‘Hygge’ captures the emotion of coziness that everyone wants to own during the last half of the year.

It’s a challenging term to decipher. However, imagine being wrapped by your loved ones while drinking coffee or hot chocolate by the warm fire glow – that is hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). This is the feeling many travelers seek, perhaps by visiting Christmas markets, drinking festive drinks, or chewing on CBD gummies. Simply said, it’s all about appreciating what you have around – every little thing. Now, why are we referring to a Danish work? That’s because it is the most attractive thing about Winter, and well, Winter vacations. Consequently, while the temperature drops, now is the right time to step outside and book some of the best hotels that can offer you an icy escape, from pristine sceneries to cozy potholes to snuggle. Without much further ado, here are the best snowy destinations you must travel to this winter.

1. Experience a white Christmas in Lithuania 

Snowy Destinations For Travel This Winter

You may want to know how to learn Lithuanian before embarking on your snowy trip to the Eastern European country. You can study the language on apps, websites, and from books. Learning the language can help you dive deeper into the culture.

Did you know Lithuania is one of the beguiling destinations to start living the dream of experiencing a white Christmas? If you’re wondering why white – it gets relatively colder or even freezing around January and February. For a treatable time, consider visiting in December for ideal winter temperatures.

However, get your layers on the go if someone is a huge fan of ice and snow. Vilnius, the country’s capital city, is incredible for travelers who love the epinephrine of racing down the hill on a snowboard or skis. Well, if you’re into snow sports, it would be best to check out Liepkalnis. Wait, there’s more! You can even do super things in Lithuania during the winter period, like hot air ballooning, skating on Lake Galve, warming up in steam baths before performing a brief dip in a nearby frozen lake, and visiting festive markets.  

2. Visit Lake Tahoe, California!

Ranked the 10th deepest lake, at 22 miles long, and wrapped by snow-clad peaks, Lake Tahoe is one of the destinations for your bucket list. Its pristine aura alone is good enough to visit, let alone all the cities around it. If you want to travel as a family in the United States, it’s an affordable destination. Moreover, it’s pretty much known for skiing and dropping cliffs where you can prove your skiing skills. Now isn’t that what you were looking out for? If that is a bit daring, consider sledding or tubing in South Lake Tahoe. Even better, consider ice skating at the Heavenly Village nearby. 

3. A freezing experience in Estonia

An admirer of old-town charm, countryside steups, and medieval surroundings would love Estonia in the winter months. During this time of the year, it gets absolutely freezing. So, pack an extra pair of warm gloves because you’ll undoubtedly need them.

Snowy Destinations For Travel This Winter

Tallinn’s capital city houses a glowing, beautiful town with that warmth and charm you have been looking for. If you didn’t know, the Christmas market around the town hall square is quite magical that you might even feel you have time-traveled to the North Pole. Can you beat that? 

4. Visit Ukraine in January

If you do not live around any snowy spot and wish to dive deep into the winter culture, Ukraine is for you. Even though it’s super snowy during these months, you’ve got to think out of the ordinary. Besides, the nation celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January. Well, celebrate Christmas at home and visit this destination for some delayed festivities. While at it, consider skiing around the Carpathians since it’s pretty cheap around this time. Moreover, you can even visit the Chinese New Years’ Lantern Festival or explore some of the best snow-covered castles like those in Kamianets-Podilskyi. 

5. What about Scotland?

While Scotland might not be the cheapest one, it holds many surprises for a winter enthusiast. Just a headstart – the bigger cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow can be expensive. As a result, go around small towns like Oban since it offers the perfect getaway for every traveler. While you’re here, there are Christmas markets, whiskey, gin-tasting events, and parades to experience. 

Nearby is Glen Coe, another beautiful place with plenty of hills to climb. Whether an avid climber or a light-headed hiker, these hills and trails are for you.

6. Seen the Northern Lights in Tromsø Yet?

Situated around 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the city of Tromso tends to experience an erratic snowfall pattern. If you are in town, take the Fjellheisen cable car for some of the best aerial views. Even better, visit during the polar night period between mid-November and January. 

7. Ski Resort in Zermatt, Switzerland

For some snow galore with a pinch of adrenaline, Switzerland’s most-known resort is one of the perfect destinations. Zermatt is a town sitting right around the border, surrounded by towering snow-clad peaks. Even if you’re not a skier, Zermatt provides a traveler with excellent snowshoeing and winter walking. Moreover, some of the best mountain trails are high up the mountains, where the snow is a bit deeper, with trails that can be accessed in the town of Schwarzsee or Gornergrat. 

In the end!

From the American lake to the Swiss Alps, you’ve got a world to see before you in the winter months. Loaded with festivities and unmatched traditions, most of these destinations offer a warm yet eventful experience. So, what’s holding you? Pack your bags and venture out ASAP!