airport garage parking

Nothing compares to the joy of going on a vacation. However, before leaving on a trip, you’ll probably need to plan where you’ll leave your car. The list of things to worry about when it comes to your vehicle are endless. You’ll need to make sure it is safe and ready to use upon your return. 

Luckily, a few simple, effective ways can allow you some peace of mind while you’re traveling. Here’s where you can store your car when you’re leaving for a short vacation:

Keep It in a Garage 

  • Your Home Garage 

You can always leave your car in your own garage. This solution allows you to save money while storing your vehicle. 

A few tips: make sure your garage is securely locked. Use a cover up for protection from the garage’s dust. Your car cover should fit right into your car, giving no room for dust or insects to enter. 

You can also find personal garages for rent, which is quite popular now. If you know a friend renting their garage, use that opportunity to keep your car there. Remember not to store any valuable personal belongings when you opt for this option. 

  • An Airport Garage 

Since you are only leaving for a few weeks, then keeping your car at an airport garage is a practical option, and there are plenty of airports that provide this option. In the US in particular you can find these services and even look up the info online. For folks who live in Seattle, Seatac airport parking prices will not cost you an arm and a leg, and the parking offers travelers an inspection service and free cancellation policy. Airport garages can be hassle free, too, since you get to book spaces online. 

Short Term Vehicle Storage 

An alternative for your own garage is a short term vehicle storage. Fortunately, these storage garages are ideal for short term travels, and they are cost-effective. Another benefit you will get from this storage option is having professionals monitoring your car and protecting it from any potential harm. 

Lend It to a Trusted Friend 

If you have a friend who is in need of a car while you are away, then lending it to them is a great solution. Remember that even if you trust your friend with your most valuable possessions, you have to assume a few risks. It is highly advised to only lend your car to friends when it is covered by insurance. 

General Tips 

  • Change Your Normal Insurance to Storage Insurance 

Even if you take all the necessary actions to keep your car safe, accidents might still happen. Changing your vehicle insurance to storage insurance can protect your car in case of fire, theft or vandalism. 

  • Keep the Batteries Fully Charged

Since batteries are bound to lose their charge over time, you will need to ensure they are fully charged by simply disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery. You wouldn’t want to arrive from your vacation to an engine that doesn’t turn on. 

When you’re about to leave for a short trip, it’s normal to worry about something as important as your car. No matter what shape or size your vehicle is, there’s always a solution for where to leave it. So, don’t put off that trip just because you are worried. Pack your bags, book your flights and enjoy your holiday!