Finland is a beautiful scenic country. Among its most-visited locations is Lapland. The northern region offers views and scenes that look like they have come out of a fairytale, especially when visited during the winter season. There are tons of things to see and do when in Lapland as it is packed with tourist attractions. Lapland has gained a lot of popularity among Finland visitors for all the right reasons as the attractions in it are like no other in the world. 

Northern Lights Viewing Sites


People travel across the world to see this exquisite phenomenon happen in Lapland. The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that can be vividly seen in the skies of Lapland for most of the year, and it is a work of magic. You can plan a northern lights holiday in Lapland and choose your preferred time of year, but it is usually better to see the aurora sometime between August and April. Many hotels and bungalow houses have special areas where visitors can simply lay down and stare at the magical skies for as long as they please. 

Go On a Snow Safari With the Huskies

It does not get any more fairytale-like than riding on a sled with dozens of huskies pulling you around in the snow. During the winter, you can enjoy one of the safari trips in the snowy conditions of Lapland, where you can rent a sled cart with huskies to take you on a tour in the middle of the scenic views of Finland’s northernmost region. Sometimes you can even find snowmobiles pulled by reindeers in the ultimate magical experience. The great thing is that it is not very expensive, and you can always compare prices to find the best deals. It is definitely an experience worth going for when in Lapland. 

Visit the Santa Claus Village

One of the must-see places in Lapland is Santa’s village. It is a great tourist attraction for family holidays with young children who can get to play out their dreams by meeting Santa Claus in his very own home. Everything that you have imagined about Christmas is found in the village. From the snowy all-white conditions to reindeer, and certainly bright Christmas lights and decorations. It is a great venue for solo travelers. It is also one of the main attractions of the region, and it contains a lot of memorabilia of the place. 

Visiting Lapland should make for a great holiday whether you are intending to go on your own, with friends, or with family. There is something to do for everyone in Lapland and attractions for every taste. The great thing about Lapland is that its natural scenery,   with all the magical skies to the great venues and tourist spots, looks just like fairy tales. Make sure you do a lot of research about the place before visiting it so that you can plan the perfect stay and see all the important locations. Immerse yourself in the northern culture, and make the most of your Finnish experience with its magical views and attractions.