How many of you reading the article right now even know where this place is? Most of us are geographically incapable of locating this place, let alone understanding the art and culture that it upholds. This article could be treated as the stepping stone to exploring more of the fantastic areas that lie in the corner of the planet, for the greater good of those who love to explore and travel to far off places,. So without delaying the discussion any further, let us examine the Dubrovnik art and culture and how they have shaped the place for what it is. 

Several hidden gems remain buried under the surface of the planet, lying in wait to be explored. However, amidst all the places and things we find ourselves talking about, these gems evade our eyes. For instance, England’s art and history have been spoken at length about. And even makes for a popular theme to be explored in literature and movies. But what rarely makes into the fore of the literary works is Dubrovnik.

dubrovnik wall

The Cultural Historical Museum

The first place that we shall be turning our attention towards is the Cultural Historical Museum in Dubrovnik. It flaunts of medals, silver coins, weaponry, and various other stuff like these. Which are integral in understanding the history of a land. Therefore, if you have a knack for history, head over to the museum to find more contexts. 

The Art Gallery of Dubrovnik

The Art Gallery of Dubrovnik or Art Gallery Dubrovnik is another destination in the city that you must lead yourself to once you find yourself within the confines of the town. No other place could give you more contexts and a better insight into art besides the art gallery. The art gallery exhibits art pieces and painting from the late 19th century until this point and celebrates the culture that shaped the city through these art forms. 

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The House of Marin Drzic

The final destination that we would like to touch upon is the house of the celebrated playwright Marin Drzic. If you are into literature and the theaters, it would do you well to visit the place once. And explore his characters, themes, motifs, and put his plays under microscopic scrutiny. The playwright’s house is every librarian’s delight!

Dubrovnik Art and Culture Conclusion

Places like Dubrovnik has a lot to offer. Yet it remains buried under the ones that we usually talk about, and refer to in our conversations and travel plans. However, if you want to do something different. Travel to a place with a myriad of knowledge to offer, consider Dubrovnik for your next vacation.