The Best Korcula Wine Tour from Dubrovnik 2022

korcula wine tour

One of the best things you can do while on vacation in Dubrovnik is to explore the islands in the surrounding area. One of the best islands you could visit, and the one we highly recommend is Korčula Island. That’s why we will tell you all about the best Korcula wine tour from Dubrovnik in 2022.

A great thing to do while on vacation is to go and explore outside of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and visit some small villages or islands in the Dubrovnik region. There are many charming and picturesque places you could visit, but our favorite is the island of Korčula.

Why is Korcula worth visiting?

Korcula island is one of the most populated and beautiful Croatian islands. It’s brimming with natural beauty and culture. Whether you’re staying in Korčula or you’re just visiting for one day we promise you’ll fall in love with this spectacular island, its pebble beaches, and olive groves.

Korčula Town has a lot to offer to its visitors, from delicious local authentic food to amazing local wines.

korcula wine tour

Go on a Day Trip to Korcula Island from Dubrovnik!

If you’re staying in Dubrovnik for your vacation, the best way to visit Korčula is by booking an organized day trip. There are a couple of day trips you can choose from. You can book an Island Hopping tour, but that way you will spend your day exploring a few different islands.

But Korčula is worth at least your one whole day. That’s why we recommend booking a Korcula Wine Tasting Day Trip From Dubrovnik, so you can truly have the best experience of visiting this beautiful island.

On this mentioned tour, you can explore the Pelješac peninsula, the small town of Ston, and the mesmerizing island of Korcula all in one day! As you admire the scenic views, learn about the history of the places you pass through. Following the sightseeing tour, you’ll enjoy some of the best local wines Korcula has to offer!

korcula wine tour

Why you should book a Korcula  Wine Tasting Tour!

There are many Korcula tours available from Dubrovnik, but the one that we highly recommend is the wine tasting tour. This tour also includes visits to The town of Ston and Pelješac island, which will leave you amazed with natural beauty and scenic landscape.

But the true highlight of this day tour is the wine tasting. You’ll get the chance to taste some of the best and finest local wines. Like the popular white wine – Grk wine, or the red wine – Plavac Mali. You will truly enjoy your time spent in Korčula with a glass of fine wine and beautiful scenic views of vineyards and seafront.

Wine Tasting Tour in Korčula

How many days should I spend in Korcula?

You can visit Korčula island for one day and still be able to enjoy the island and its beauties. But if you want to explore Korčula a bit better and visit other places on the island like Vela Luka or the village of Lumbarda you should stay for a bit longer.

What is Korcula famous for?

Korcula island is famous for its wine, beautiful Korcula Old Town, and for being the birthplace of the famous world traveler Marco Polo. 

People also call Korcula Small Dubrovnik, because Korcula’s Old Town is built in a similar style as Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The island is covered with beautiful evergreen forests and it truly is a relaxation oasis. These are only a few reasons why you should visit Korcula.

korcula wine tour

Things to do in Korcula!

The Island of Korcula is not only rich with untouched nature and an amazing Mediterranian climate. In addition, it has a very rich culture and many traditions that are still practiced today. If you are lucky you may even be able to see the traditional Moreška Sword Dance that originated in Korčula. 

One of the interesting things to do in Korčula you can do is visit the Marco Polo Museum, located in a small stone house that is considered to be Polo’s birth house.

If you prefer a relaxing and chill vacation, there are plenty of cocktail and wine bars in Korcula, and also beautiful beaches to choose from. 

You can spend your days enjoying the sun and the sea, for a truly wonderful holiday on the Adriatic. But there are also many interesting little shops in Korcula in which you can find souvenirs and little gifts to take home as a keepsake. 

Book a Day Trip to Korcula from Dubrovnik!

Get the most out of your vacation in Dubrovnik, and visit the marvelous island of Korčula on a fun day trip that also includes wine tasting. Book this Korcula tour in advance and have an unforgettable time exploring the Dubrovnik islands while on vacation. 

Walk around the vineyards of Korčula and sip on the best local wine!