Best Montenegro Tour from Dubrovnik 2022

montenegro tour from dubrovnik

One of the bigger advantages of vacationing in Dubrovnik is the opportunity to easily visit the neighboring countries. Make the best of your Dubrovnik holiday and go on a Montenegro tour from Dubrovnik.

Montenegro is only an hour away from Dubrovnik by car, which makes it incredibly easy to visit. You can go on a long day trip or just visit close by towns for a few hours. Weather ways, it would be a shame if you don’t take this opportunity and visit Montenegro while staying in Dubrovnik.

Day Trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik

There are plenty of organized tours and day trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro. You can even go on a boat tour and enjoy a boat ride to Montenegro. Since there are many options available online, we found the best Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik for you. The Montenegro tour, which we have selected, includes visits to three Montenegrin towns and a scenic drive along Boka Kotorska Bay.  

Town of Perast

The first stop of your Montenegro tour will be the charming town of Perast. There you’ll have the option of visiting the island of Our Lady of the Rocks island. During the drive, your tour guide will tell you about Montenegro’s most important cultural monuments and the country’s history and legends. 

Perast will impress you with many gorgeous attractions, magnificent buildings, and the scenic church islands in the deep blue sea. A visit to this coastal town will be the highlight of your day trip.

City of Kotor

Located in the Bay of Kotor right on the Adriatic Sea coast, the city of Kotor has around 13,000 inhabitants. The charming coastal town is surrounded by 4-kilometer-long city walls within which the Kotor Old Town is located. 

Once you arrive in Kotor, you will be able to enjoy some free time to explore the town on your own. Kotor is known for being a fortified town and for its nautical traditions and famous commercial fleet. Take some time while sightseeing and visit the Romanesque churches within the medieval Old town. Or visit the Maritime Museum and explore the local seafaring history.

montenegro tour from dubrovnik

Discover Budva 

The city of Budva is your third and last stop of the Dubrovnik to Montenegro Day Tour. Budva is located on the Adriatic Sea and it’s a part of the famous Budva Riviera. The city is known for its sandy beaches and amazing nightlife. 

The Venetians built Budva’s medieval Old Town. This historic district is home to a seaside citadel and many religious sites. Enjoy exploring Budva and take a walk down the city’s famous promenade. 

Best Day Trips from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an amazing vacation destination, not only because of its fascinating history, enchanting Old Town, and beautiful nature. But, because it’s very well connected to other popular tourist destinations inside of Croatia. As well as, in neighboring countries such as Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

montenegro tour from dubrovnik

You can make your holiday in Dubrovnik a bit more interesting by booking one of the Day Trips from Dubrovnik. Trust us going on a day trip is one of the best ways to spend your time in another country. And it’s a great way to explore more than just the city you’re staying in.

Along with Montenegro, one of the best tours you can book from Dubrovnik are Sarajevo and Mostar, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And suppose you still do not want to cross the border. In that case, you can always visit other beautiful coastal cities in Croatia, such as Split and Makarska.

Why you should go on a Montenegro tour from Dubrovnik

Montenegro is a beautiful country that will amaze you with its untouched nature and scenic landscape. Additionally, it is a very popular tourist destination, so it offers lots of fun activities for its visitors. Plus, the nightlife is pretty great in Budva.

Visiting Montenegro from Dubrovnik is super easy since it’s only one hour drive away. And if you want to get the most out of your Montenegro visit we recommend you book an organized tour online. That way you won’t have to worry about the logistics of your trip. And you’ll have a guide who will accompany you along the way. 

Things to know before going on a Dubrovnik to Montenegro Tour

You will be crossing the border between Croatia and Montenegro so a passport is required. This tour is conducted in small groups of 15 participants, so we do advise you to book your tour on time. Free cancelation and full refund are available up to 24 hours before the official departure of the Montenegro Day Tour from Dubrovnik.

Make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes on the trip since you’ll be sightseeing. The lunch is not included in the tour price so we advise you to use the free time you have in Kotor and try some delicious local food in one of the restaurants.

montenegro day trip from dubrovnik

Book Your Montenegro Tour Online!

We highly recommend this tour if you’re looking for something exciting to do during your vacation. Or if you want to visit another country while in Dubrovnik. Visit the charming towns of Adriatic from Dubrovnik on this Montenegro Tour. Have a great trip that you’ll remember for a long time!