Choosing Where To Travel, Europe or Asia? It Was Never Easier To Visit Both

where to travel

Trying to decide between Asia and Europe is quite hard. There are so many great places, sites, and cultures to explore on both continents, which makes the decision even more overwhelming than you think. However, what you do not know is that you can visit both Europe and Asia at the same time. There are some countries that are transcontinental or have territories that span more than one continent. When it comes to transcontinental countries that are in both Europe and Asia, there are five that you can choose from to ensure that you satisfy your traveling needs.

where to travel

1. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country that is mainly located in the Asian portion of the Caucasus, however, it still has five districts that are beyond the border between Asia and Europe. Azerbaijan is full of historical sites that will amaze you, including structures that date back to the fifteenth century, including the walled city, which is the main attraction in Baku. If you enjoy exploring nature, then you can head to Highland park, and of course, the country borders the Caspian Sea, so you can enjoy some time by the sea or go on day tours to visit different culturally rich places. If you enjoy having active nightlife when you travel, then you will be happy to know that the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku has a range of great clubs and bars to visit as well as music concerts that you can enjoy at night. 

2. Georgia 

Not to be confused with the American state, Georgia is a transcontinental country that boasts of many activities that you can participate in as well as places to visit. Just like Azerbaijan, Georgia was a Soviet republic, but it is now an independent country that has its own government system. There are many quite old structures in Georgia, including a cave monastery that dates back to the 12th century. Georgia is also partially located in the Asian portion of the Caucasus. No matter how long your trip there is, you will find interesting things to do, from visiting historical sights to going on vineyard tours to trying out the well-known Georgian wine. 

3. Turkey

Turkey is well known for its mouthwatering cuisine, awe-inspiring architecture and amazing historical sights. The best thing about Turkey is that there are tons of amazing Family Holiday Destinations in Turkey there that make your trip fun for everyone no matter how old or young. There are various tours and day trips you can take in Turkey to explore its beauty. Some of the activities you can do on your trip include taking a yacht out on the Bosphorus to catch the sunset, going on a hot air balloon, and of course, exploring the amazing architecture of Istanbul. You will have a busy itinerary that will have you wanting to come back to this transcontinental country for more in no time.

4. Russia

Russia is another country that is in both Europe and Asia. It is considered the biggest country in the world, with twenty-three percent of its territories in Europe and the rest in Asia. You can spend weeks visiting Russia, and there will still be places left for following visits. If you plan a trip to Moscow, you should plan a visit to Saint Basil’s Cathedral, which will amaze you with its intricate architecture and design. You can also visit the Kaza Kremlin, which is another popular place to check out in Russia. If you plan on heading to Russia during the cooler months, just remember to bundle up because it can get arctic in some places. If you’re into art and culture, you can also catch a show at the Samara Academic Opera. If you enjoy physical activities, then you will be happy to know that there are different opportunities for this. You can go skiing, kayaking, or climbing to get an amazing rush. 

5. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has many historically rich sights to see, including the Hazret Sultan Mosque and the National Museum of Kazakhstan, which will tell you all about the country’s history over the ages. History is not the only thing that this country has to offer, however. There are many places to visit in Kazakhstan that help you connect to nature, including Kaindy Lake, Issyk Lake, and the Big Almaty Lake. You can also marvel at the Aral Sea, which is a desert that was once a sea, and you can see the remains of various ships randomly dispersed there. 

where to travel

Both Europe and Asia have many things to offer. With these five options at your disposal, you do not have to keep weighing the pros and cons of Asia versus Europe. You can go to both continents simultaneously and with minimal effort.