Are you a person who enjoys the outdoors, but thinks of cutting costs on spending a few dollars to dine in a restaurant? If you prefer having a taste of home, even during your travels, it is best to bring along a traveling kitchen kit. Your kitchen kit must-haves should serve the purpose of making your cooking experience while on travel convenient. Here is a checklist of the things you can have in your kitchen travel kit, especially if a sharp knife can be hard to be available even in a hotel kitchen. 



Cutlery, Containers, and Bags

Cooler Bag

It has a small cooler bag to keep cheese and milk cold long enough. This can also be useful if you are out fishing. This is the best storage for your fresh catch.

Reusable Bags/Mesh Bags

Have one or two so you have something to use to produce when you go to the supermarket. Mesh bags are perfect for leafy vegetables so they stay fresh. 


This spoon-fork combination may be used for emergencies when the place has no utensils available. This can come in handy and multi-purpose.

Silicone Tongs

You will not be bringing potholders for sure nor kitchen towels will be available, so better get silicone tongs to handle your hot food and use a kitchen knife under to stabilize.


One of the most essential tools you need is a knife. This will be helpful when you need to cut pork, fruits, or vegetables. You may need it for other purposes, so bring a sharp one. Based on the product review presented by, Cuisinart Knife sets are easy and safe to use. Having a set of Cuisinart Knife will make your cooking preparation worry-free, no matter if it is for cutting chicken meat, pork, beef or fish. 

Veggie Peeler

This may not be essential to some, but having one can solve your problems in peeling your vegetables and make those curls for your salads.

Swiss Knife/ Leatherman Multitool

Use your leatherman multi-tool for pliers, scissors, corkscrew, screwdriver and more. 

Bowls and Water Bottles

You can bring collapsible ones to save on space. This is a trend nowadays because these are easy to pack and yet very useful.

Reusable Containers/Reusable Wraps/Stasher Bags

You can use them to store leftover food. You can also use them as containers for food that you plan to bring.

Reusable Cups/Collapsible Cups

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you will surely get more than a dose of coffee during your travel. Instead of having disposable cups, you can use your own reusable cup.

Camp Stove/ Mini Stove

You can bring one if you are on a camping adventure. If the hostel tells you that there is a stove available for you to use, this item can be optional for you to bring.

You can get your kitchen tools from shops that sell mountaineering equipment. You are quite sure that they sell lightweight, durable and portable. If some of these are not available in their shop, you can check other shops that sell kitchen tools and gadgets. Once you got all your kitchen tools complete, you can pack them in your kitchen bag and you’re ready to go!

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Food Staple

You can always bring some food when you travel, but consider the weight of it if you will be carrying them along, else, you can have a research about the place you are going to and check what food you can buy from their market. 

The Basics

Rice and noodles are easy to pack and they are easy to prepare. You can have different meals out of them. 

Instant or Powdered Items

Instant food like oatmeal and powdered coffee, creamer, sugar and spices can provide convenience. If you are going to far-flung areas, these are the basic food that you might consider bringing. Besides giving the ease of carrying them, they are easy to prepare.


Peanut Butter or Pineapple Jelly

These can be your perfect pair with a slice of bread while you enjoy your breakfast.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

High protein snacks are good when you are out for a climb or a hike. But they can also be great while you are sightseeing.

Granola Bars

Get some granola bars in your backpack or hand carry bag, so anytime you feel hungry you can just have one for a snack.

Buying meals along on a long trip can really add up to your travel expenses. To save your sanity and your money, cooking while on travel is your best bet. Airbnbs and hotels may not be equipped with everything so pack along with your luggage your cooking essentials whether on your frequent business trips or just an extended road trip.