Destinations you should visit in 2020 The world is simply majestic and a wonderful way to discover its splendidness is through traveling. Every country has grandiose local scenic spots that are surely worth your time. Still not convinced? Check out some wonderful destinations that you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

Highlands, Iceland

Iceland milky way

This is one highly unpopulated place, but this is also home to the most amazing landscapes of white rivers and black desert sands. It can be considered as a hiker’s haven where there are numerous trails that can be explored all year round. It is also where you can witness the magnificent Aurora Borealis. Now is the time for you to visit the Highlands, while it is raw and unexplored, all before more people discover its beauty.

Venice, Italy


Venice is synonymous with romance, all because of the canals that provide a perfect and serene scene for lovers. Thereby, if you are looking for a unique city experience in Italy, be sure to visit Venice, where the canals provide a rather different transportation option. Aside from this, Venice is renowned for its seafood and if you are fond of indulging in a fresh catch, then Venice is for you.

Another city in Italy you should travel to is definitely Rome, and while you’re there make sure not to miss out on visiting Borghese Gallery.

Cancun, Mexico

cancun mexico

If you love the bright lights at night, and you enjoy a scenic beach view, then you should go to Cancun to experience the best of both worlds. According to Cancun, Mexico travel guide, you might want to visit during April through June if you want to avoid crowds. The guide will be able to help you find the perfect resort for your family, as well as aid you in planning your activities while you are in Cancun. Nonetheless, visit Cancun to explore the most exquisite white sand beaches and the turquoise blue sea in the Gulf of Mexico.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is home to the great Inca Ruins, which boasts of stunning architecture, even if it was built hundreds of years ago. The incredible view from the ruins, as well as the mystery surrounding it, are reasons enough for you to visit the place. Aside from this, Machu Picchu may not be open for tourists for long because the influx of visitors in the past led UNESCO to consider putting it under its List of World Heritage in Danger.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is an architectural wonder that is worth your time, especially during the early morning when the rays of the sun peek from behind its iconic spires. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the center of the Khmer Empire. In addition to the marvelous architecture and engineering design of the temple, it also has works of art that prove to be preserved masterpieces. It is known as the world’s largest religious structure, leaving you amazed with its magnificent beauty.

Arizona, USA

Arizona USA

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, as well as the Antelope Canyon. The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is a site that will leave you breathless because of the massive rock walls that span for hundreds of miles. On the other hand, the Antelope Canyon is just a picturesque view that will leave you in awe. Additionally, the weather and the food in Arizona is simply worth the visit.

Bagan, Myanmar

Began Myanmar

Experience witnessing hot air balloons floating above numerous temples at dawn when you are in Bagan. It is in Bagan where you will find the most Buddhist ruins because Myanmar is predominantly a Buddhist country. Thus, this is still considered as a sacred place so cover your knees and shoulders, especially if you intend to enter the temples and monasteries. Bagan is a good place to visit if you wish to reflect on your life and have a new perspective.

Santorini Island, Greece


Santorini has been famous for its stunning view, which has been featured in several movies and shows. If you intend to visit Santorini, make sure to do some wine-tasting as you witness the best sunset in the world. Make sure to bring your camera along with you to ensure that you will have some keepsakes.

travel the world

With so many things to see and do, perhaps now is the time to venture out and travel the world. True enough, there are amazing and splendid places, and there are also those that didn’t make this list but could be a wonderful destination as well. Keep in mind that no matter where you go, it is important to not only see the beauty that the place has to offer but to also experience and appreciate the culture of the people residing there.