The first time I saw Dubrovnik I knew I would keep coming back at any opportunity I got. I remember it was 6 years ago; I only came for one afternoon to meet my friend who was working on a cruise ship – and instead of going back home after his ship departed, I stayed two full weeks in this amazing city. Back then I knew only one girl, Ivana, but generously she introduced me to many local people and to her friends. With some of them I made friendships strong enough for me to keep coming back every single year since.

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As an architect, the things I appreciate the most is the city’s authenticity, uniqueness and originality. The most fascinating aspect is its presence in time and space, its unique existence within its context.

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The unique existence of this city-monument determined the history to which it was subject throughout the time of its being. This includes the changes which it may have suffered in physical condition over the years as well as the various changes in its tradition.

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Therefore, to understand the aura of this place we have to go beyond the realms of tradition, nationality, or geographical location. The spirit of the place is so strong that it cannot be reproduced even in an age of mechanical reproduction and it can be experienced all the year round.

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Although I have travelled to many places, and even lived in South America, I can say that there is nowhere on earth which can match the unique beauty and character of Dubrovnik. Whether you find yourself on the city walls, walking the narrow streets or climbing the typical steep stairs, you will have an opportunity to witness breathtaking views where the pastel colours of the medieval stone meet the crisp blue of the Adriatic sea.

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I give thanks to the city for my friends, the generous local people, the tourists, fresh fish and good wine. More specifically I can be thankful for the lasting memories of the morning sun over the ruins of the Belvedere hotel, church bells ringing through the town and the glistening reflections in the stones of Stradun. All of these little things awaken my inspiration and lure me back to this magical place every year.

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This is Dubrovnik’s infinite allure.

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