You booked your flight to Dubrovnik and organized your vacation entirely. The only thing left to do now is to find the best Dubrovnik Airport transfer to the city center. Don’t worry! We are here to give you all the needed information and help you decide on what type of Dubrovnik airport transport will work best for you.

dubrovnik airport transfer

Dubrovnik Airport, located in Čilipi, is around 20 km away from Dubrovnik’s city center. That means organizing your way of transportation from the airport to your accommodation is something worth planning.

How to get from the airport to Dubrovnik City Center?

Even though Dubrovnik Airport is not that far away from the city, looking up and booking your transportation is advisable. When it comes to getting from the airport to your final destination in the town of Dubrovnik, you have several options at your hand:

  • Shared or Private Dubrovnik Airport Transfer
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Local Bus
  • Taxi service

Getting from Dubrovnik Airport to City by Private Transfer

dubrovnik airport car transfer

Pre-booking a shared or private Dubrovnik Airport transfer to the city is a great and safe choice. You don’t have to worry about whether you will catch your bus on time, will the shuttle or local bus be too crowded, or will the taxi driver rip you off?

You can easily book your transfer online and have a stress-free Dubrovnik airport transfer to your last address. Once you fill out the contact form on the website of the transfer provider, you will get a confirmation email. From thereon, you don’t have to coordinate and research your Dubrovnik airport transfer options. Once you land, your private chauffeur will be waiting at the airport terminal gate for you holding a personalized sign with your name written on it. The driver will help you with your luggage, as well. Private airport transfers are slightly cheaper than taxi services. Flat fare for a car, up to 4 people, is 35€. If you need an airport transfer form more people, you have the option of booking a van (42€, up to 8 people), or even a minibus. 

Getting from Dubrovnik Airport to City by Shuttle Bus

dubrovnik airport shuttle bus

There is a shuttle bus service from and to Dubrovnik Airport. The buses are coordinated with the flight arrivals and departures. Dubrovnik Airport shuttle bus has three stops in total: Dubrovnik Main bus station in Gruž Port, Pile Gate – eastern entrance into the Old Town of Dubrovnik, and Dubrovnik Airport. The trip with the shuttle bus lasts for 30 to 40 minutes, and it will cost you around seven euros.

Although the airport bus service is timed according to flight arrivals at the airport, you may find yourself having to wait a bit for your transport to the city. This is because, as mentioned, the shuttle service provides transportation from the city to the airport as well.

If you don’t feel like waiting around or want a more comfortable transportation service to the town, you may consider other options. The downside of this Dubrovnik airport transfer is that once you get to the city, you still have to figure out a way how to get to your accommodation’s address. So you will need to call a taxi or catch a city bus if your accommodation is not located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik or close to the main bus station in Gruž.

Getting from Dubrovnik Airport to City by Local Bus

local bus airport transfer

If you are not in a big rush and don’t mind taking things slow and spontaneously, there are local bus lines that drive to and from Dubrovnik airport. These buses, unlike the shuttle bus, have numerous stops along the way, so getting to and settling in your accommodation will take longer. 

Bus lines number 11 and 27 drive between the airport and the city of Dubrovnik. But keep in mind that you will probably have to change buses in order to get to your final destination. You can look up local buses timetable on the official web site for the local transportation.

Getting from Dubrovnik Airport to City by Taxi Service

Once you exit in front of Dubrovnik airport, you can easily spot the taxi station. Although taxi drivers may seem eager to have you as their passenger and may come across as a bit overwhelming, you have nothing to worry about. They are entirely legal. Getting a taxi to take you to your accommodation is the most expensive way of transport from Dubrovnik airport, so make sure to check the driving fees. You can easily find them at the airport or ask one of the employees at the info desk. Note that despite flat fares, the figure on the taximeter at the end of your ride might still come as an unpleasant surprise.  

Uber and Bolt’s services are both available in Dubrovnik, but their prices vary based on demand.

Our Personal Recommendation

Comparing all options, we concluded that private Dubrovnik Airport transfer seems to be the best choice in our opinion. When you take into consideration the price and service you get, private airport transfer rises above other options. Unlike with taxis, when you book a Dubrovnik airport transfer, you know in advance how much you will be paying for the service thanks to flat fares. You are welcomed at the airport terminal gate by a private chauffeur who is there to help you with anything you need. Therefore you will not lose your vacation time waiting for the bus or finding a taxi. A big plus for us when you are booking a Dubrovnik Airport transfer is the fact that you arrive directly to your accommodation from the airport. And the driver is there to help you with your luggage.

Dubrovnik Airport Transfers Company

If you want to look up more information about Dubrovnik airport transfers, visit, or if you’re already on board with us, book your transfer now.

Dubrovnik Airport Transfer outside the city of Dubrovnik

What if you are only landing in Dubrovnik, but you booked your vacation in a location outside of the town, other towns in Croatia, or maybe one of Croatia’s neighboring countries? 

Being a highly developed tourist destination, Dubrovnik is well connected to other destinations in Croatia and locations outside of the country. You always have the option of taking one of the Dubrovnik airport transfers to the city center or the central bus station and organizing your trip from thereon. If you are staying near the city of Dubrovnik, you can take a local bus line or taxi to your accommodation. On condition that you plan your vacation in one of the neighboring countries, you have the option to travel by regular bus lines going from the bus station in Gruž port.

Booking a private airport transfer service may be the most comfortable option for you if you find this whole process a bit overwhelming. 

We’ve highlighted some of the most popular destinations that you might need a transfer to from Dubrovnik Airport. This information will come in hand even if you want to have a day trip to one of the most popular destinations around the Dubrovnik area.

Getting from Dubrovnik to Cavtat

Cavtat Airport Transfer

Cavtat is only about 6km away from Dubrovnik Airport. However, you will still need some transportation to be able to get there. You have the option of local buses or a taxi/transfer service. The fixed price for a private Dubrovnik Airport transfer to Cavtat is 17€ for a car or 25€ for a van, which will take you anywhere in the Cavtat city area.

Even if you are not staying in Cavtat while on your vacation in Dubrovnik, we certainly recommend you visit this charming small town. There are many things to do in Cavtat, and you can spend a splendid laid back day trip in this picturesque little town.

Getting from Dubrovnik to Split

dubrovnik to split transfer

It’s understandable that when you come to Dubrovnik, you would want to explore as much of Croatia as possible. Many people decide to visit Split while on their vacation in Dubrovnik. Split is 230 km away from Dubrovnik, which is quite close. And therefore, there are no flights from Dubrovnik to Split. So that leaves you with three options to travel – bus, taxi or private transfer. If you decide to go to Split by bus, you must keep in mind that the majority of bus routes don’t travel via the highway. For that reason, the trip can last up to five hours. If you buy a ticket for the non-highway bus, prepare yourself for many stops along the way. 

Quicker and more comfortable way of getting to Split from Dubrovnik is by taxi or transfer. Taxi is a bit more expensive option due to different tariffs from different companies and the unpredictability of the final price. A transfer service has a fixed rate of 210€, regardless of the length of the trip.

Getting from Dubrovnik to Mostar

dubrovnik to mostar transfer

The city of Mostar is a popular destination to visit while on your vacation in Dubrovnik. If you are planning to have a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can choose from booking a group tour or organizing your trip privately. If you decide on the latter one, you can go by the regular bus line or private transfer. A private transfer service will come at a fixed, one-way price of 140€.

Getting from Dubrovnik to Budva

dubrovnik to budva transfer

There are many people whose only option to reach Budva/Montenegro is via flights landing to the Dubrovnik airport. And they have to figure out the most convenient way of getting to their final destination. If you are in this situation, you have a few options. First is, of course, a bus line, but keep in mind it will take a while before you get into your vacation mode. The bus ride can be quite long since there is the border crossing; this can take a while, especially during the summer season. On the condition you book a private Dubrovnik Airport transfer to Budva, you don’t have to stress about the time it will take to cross the border between Croatia and Montenegro. One-way, the fixed fare for a transfer anywhere in Budva is about 140€.

Hopefully, our guide on Dubrovnik Airport transfer and how to get to the city center helped you out. And that we have made sure you have one less worry on your mind when it comes to planning your dream vacation in Dubrovnik.


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