Cavtat is a perfect getaway for all travelers who are ready to explore all the beauty of Dubrovnik area. This part of Dubrovnik is favorite place for locals, especially when they want to escape the city and enjoy the peace and spectacular Cavtat sunset. This is why Jake and Dannie picked Cavtat as the perfect place for their new adventure. Here are some tips if you’re ready to follow their steps…

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I could spend all day riding buses up and down the coast of Croatia. The way the mountains drop down into those blue-green waters just washes the stress from my system. Dubrovnik tourist office told us that Cavtat was a small fishing village, just half an hour south. When we heard the words “fishing village,” the images (and smells) that flashed through our vegetarian minds weren’t particularly appealing. But we thought we ought to get out of town for at least one day of our month-long visit, so we checked the bus schedule and packed a lunch. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were struck by the silence of the scene. Once the bus pulled away it was so quiet we realized we could hear our own thoughts. Cavtat has its own old town, albeit a much smaller one than Dubrovnik. It also had a lovely waterfront, lined with palm trees and park benches, perfect for a stroll on a sunny day. 

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