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Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik

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Are you a true fan of Game of Thrones and haven’t yet visit King’s Landing? Unlikely, but if that’s the case, this is a real opportunity for you to dive into the moment. Feel like you are on a real Game Of Thrones filming set for example you’re watching Walk of Shame on Jesuit stairs as it happens.

Thanks to the Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik has become one of the World’s most popular destination to visit, especially now, when the last season is almost finished. You are going to explore King’s Landing and gain insight into the filming locations like Red Keep, City of Qarth, Gardens of King’s Landing, The Purple Wedding where Joffrey gets poisoned, steps where probably the most popular scene – Walk of shame was filmed (Cersei was humiliated and had to go naked through the crowds) and many more.

The filming crew was shocked when they came to Dubrovnik and saw it for the first time. It looked the same like King’s Landing they had in their minds. The actors were absolutely in love with this place. Food, people and culture left them breathless. In the last 3 years of filming here, Dubrovnik has become their favorite filming location and their home far away from home. “Dubrovnik has become their real King’s Landing.”

In the video below you can find out what the actors said about Dubrovnik and how it was to film Game of Thrones in King’s Landing.

"Croatia has become kind of our home away from home."Go behind the scenes of #GoTSeason5 on location. (via HBO Adria)

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Dubrovnik’s architecture, City Walls, its open and narrow streets made of big stone blocks helped Dubrovnik to change personality quickly. That’s why Dubrovnik has become one of the most impressive filming location of the Game of Thrones.

Dubrovnik was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. because of it’s main attraction – Old Town with its City Walls. The City Walls were built during the centuries to protect the city and Dubrovnik Republic from the foreign attacks. The walls are long 1940 m and they completely surround the city and Old Harbor.

With The Walls, fortresses, towers, the oldest arboretum in this part of the world- Trsteno Arboretum, “cursed” Lokrum island, etc. Dubrovnik has become the logical choice to be the most popular filming location of Game of Thrones TV show. As one of the actors said in the video, Dubrovnik looked the same as they pictured King’s Landing in real life.

King’s Landing is the site of the Iron Throne and the Red Keep. The seat of the King of the Andals and the First Men (hence the name). It has a mild Mediterranean climate and life there is luxurious for those that can afford it.

Now, we are going to show you all the locations you have to explore if you are a true Game Of Thrones fan.


The Real Location

lokrum game of thrones filming location
Island of Lokrum near Dubrovnik

As the legend says, the island of Lokrum is one of the World’s seven cursed islands. From the 11th century, The Saint Benedict monks lived there in their monastery. After Napoleon took over the Republic of Ragusa (today known as city of Dubrovnik), he ordered his army to expel the monks from the island. As they were forced to leave the island where they lived for centuries, they cursed everybody who use the island for his own personal pleasure.

There were a few owners of the island for the next centuries and they all ended up tragically. In 20th century the island fell in the hands of the Yugoslav government under the condition to be used only for the recreation. Since then no one was allowed to spend a night on the island. Today, Lokrum is one of the favorite spots for locals and the tourists to spend a whole day enjoying the nature and clear sea. Animals like rabbits and peacocks are walking freely among the tourists.

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

city of qarth dubrovnik game of thrones filming location
The city of Qarth (Lokrum) / HBO

Regarding it’s rich history and natural beauty, it’s not a coincidence that island of Lokrum has become the City of Qarth – “the greatest city that was or will be”. Lokrum was the filming location of the party in Qarth where Daenerys meets the city’s elite. On this party a woman with a veiled face gives a message to Ser Jorah. City Of Qarth was also filmed in different filming locations around Dubrovnik like Minceta Tower (The House of Undying) and Rector’s Palace (when the Thirteen rulers of Qarth rejects Danaerys after she asked for help and ships). What better place to film the city of Qarth than Lokrum, don’t you agree?

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Iron Throne Lokrum Island Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones
Iron Throne on the island of Lokrum

As Viserys Targaryen once said: “The breath of the greatest dragon forged the Iron Throne… the swords of the vanquished, a thousand of them, melted together like so many candles…” It was a real obsession for all the actors! Everybody had a flame in their eyes while standing in front of The Iron Throne. This is the first and the last reason for all the wars. Everybody wanted to be a King / Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and sit on the Iron Throne.

This is the throne upon which the King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men sits. It is located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep at the King’s Landing. The Iron Throne is also a metonym referring to the monarchy that rules the Seven Kingdoms.

The Iron Throne

In reality, the Iron Throne is located on the island of Lokrum (City of Qarth). HBO’s crew was so amazed with this filming location and hospitality of Dubrovnik’s people that they have given the Iron Throne to Dubrovnik City as a memory of filming their most popular TV show ever. With that gesture, the island of Lokrum has become the most visited filming location of King’s Landing. A short boat ride from The Old Town harbor will take you to a beautiful island and botanic garden. It was used as the filming location for Qarth and garden scenes with Lady Olenna and Sansa/Margaery before The Purple Wedding.

If you are a true fan of Game of Thrones, this is going to be great experience for you and your friends. Come here, sit on The Iron Throne, take a picture and force your followers to bend the knee to a true King / Queen.


The Real Location

trsteno arboretum game of thrones tyrell garden
Trsteno Arboretum (Tyrell Garden)

Trsteno Arboretum is the oldest arboretum in this part of the world. Local noble family Gozze owned the arboretum in the 15th century. Sship captains brought back seeds from all over the world and the family planted them. It includes a park surrounding the 15th century summer residence, which is a monument of garden architecture. It is located about 20 km from Dubrovnik.

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

trsteno game of thrones filming location
Tyrell Garden / HBO

This magnificent garden was used as a filming location in the Game of Thrones (season 3 and 4) and earned the nickname the “Tyrell Garden”. In this Arboretum there was the scene where  Sansa meets with Margaery and her grandmother Lady Olenna Tyrell to discuss if King Joffrey is going to be a good husband for Margaery (Season 3, Episode 2). Trsteno was also used as the filming location for the scene where Oberyn promises Cercei that he will deliver a gift to Myrcella (Season 4, Episode 5).

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The Real Location

red keep dubrovnik lovrijenac fort game of thrones filming locaton
Lovrijenac Fort (The Red Keep)

Lovrijenac Fortress (or St. Lawrence Fortress) was built in the 11th century within just three months. Its purpose was to defend the city from the Venetians. There are two drawbridges that lead to the fort. Above the gate there is an inscription “Non Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro” which means Freedom is not to be sold for all the treasures in the world. It is often called “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar”.

Now days, this fortress is famous because of the performances held in the Fort. That is the reason why Lovrijenac has become popular as the theater outside the western walls of the city. The performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet on the Lovrijenac’s stage has become the symbol of Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Also, if you want to get married at “The Red Keep”, you can rent the Fortress for your special day and enjoy in one of the most beautiful views of King’s Landing.

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

red keep dubrovnik lovrijenac fort game of thrones filming locaton
The Red Keep / HBO

In the Game Of Thrones, Fort Lovrijenac (The Red Keep) is the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men. It is located within King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. It dominates the skyline of the city, and serves as the city’s primary fortress and redoubt. On this filming location the long dialogues between Cersei and Littlfinger in Season 1 were filmed.

Little tip if you are planning to visit this filming location: entrance is free if you have City Walls admission ticket (valid 3 days).



The Real Location

dubrovnik city walls game of thrones dubrovnik filming location
Dubrovnik City Walls

We already talked about The City Walls as the most popular and beautiful tourist attraction in Dubrovnik. One of the great fortification systems of the middle ages was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. You can read more about the Walls on

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

dubrovnik walls game of thrones tour
Dubrovnik Walls in Game Of Thrones / HBO

Dubrovnik’s City walls have been featured countless times in the Game of Thrones series. One of the most memorable scenes set along the city was in the Season 3 premiere ‘Valar Dohaeris’ when Tyrion, Bronn, and Podrick walk along the walls as workers repair the damage from the Battle of Blackwater. In Season 4, Episode 7 ‘Mockingbird’ The City Walls were used as the filming location in the scene where the Mountain kills prisoners and again in Season 5, Episode 3 ‘High Sparrow’ where King Tommen Baratheon tells Cersei she should return to Casterly Rock.

Also, The Walls are featured in Season 5, Episode 4 ‘The Sons of the Harpy’ when Lancel apprehends Loras Tyrell leading to his arrest and it’s from the Walls that we see the ship carrying Marcella’s body en route to King’s Landing in Season 6, Episode 1 ‘The Red Woman’.

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The Real Location

jesuit stairs walk of shame game of thrones filming location
Jesuit Stairs (Walk of Shame)

Another filming location we are discovering is the Jesuit (Spanish) steps in Dubrovnik, by Saint Ignatius Church.

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

walk of shame dubrovnik game of thrones filming location
Walk of Shame / HBO

Here was the scene when Cersei had to walk naked in the streets of King’s Landing from the Great Sept of Baelor to the Red Keep. It is probably one of the most famous scenes in the whole Game of Thrones series. All the time there was an annoying woman ringing a bell in her ear saying shame. The first scene (where Cersei is standing on the top of the stairs of this street) is filmed on top of this steps.

Interesting fact

For filming this scene, HBO had to pay a lot of money because there is a lot of restaurants and coffee bars in this street. They had to close for the whole day during the filming. That’s why this is one of the most expensive scenes in whole Game of Thrones shooting in Dubrovnik.


The Real Location

gradac park purple wedding dubrovnik
Park Gradac Dubrovnik

Gradac park is not large and consists of a few tree lined avenues with a large fountain near the entrance. The best part is beautiful view of the Lovrijenac Fortress. The Red Keep and the rocky outcrop of Dance Bay is a beautiful secluded spot for sunbathing, watching the sunset and generally chilling out with its own beach bar.

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

purple wedding gradac dubrovnik game of thrones filming location
The Purple Wedding / HBO

In Game of Thrones, this filming location is used for probably (we’ll be a little subjective) the most satisfying moment in the series. We’re talking about The Purple wedding where King Joffrey is poisoned during the wedding feast. Joffrey’s uncle, Tyrion Lannister, is arrested for the murder, and Sansa Stark is accused of being his accomplice. Though the actual offenders are Lord Petyr Baelish and Lady Olenna Tyrell.


The Real Location

pile gate riot game of thrones filming location
Pile Gate (The Riot)

Pile Gate was built in the 14th century by Ivan of Siena. Today, that is the main entrance into the Old Town and road to the main street – Stradun. You have to go over drawbridge to enter the city walls at Pile Gate. The drawbridge was closed each night in the ages of Republic of Dubrovnik and now days the gates of Dubrovnik are always open to countless visitors.

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

The Riot / HBO

The Pile Gate entrance has been used as the filming location a number of times in Seasons 2 and 3. Most notably in Season 2, Episode 6 ‘The Old Gods and the New’ in the scene “The Riot” when King Joffrey returns to Red Keep after Marcella is sent away to Dorne and he gets attacked by angry mobs gathered at the entrance. He screams ‘Kill him, kill them all’ after someone throws manure at his face. The entrance also features in Season 3, Episode 10 ‘Mhysa’ when Jamie Lannister returns to King’s Landing.


The Real Location

pile bay blackwater game of thrones filming location
Pile Bay (Blackwater Bay)

One of the most beautiful places in the Old Town represents Blackwater Bay in the series. This calm spot was once an important transport hub for seafarers arriving at the western part of the city. It has views of both Bokar and Lovrijenac Fort, and Game of Thrones scenes have taken place from all angles of the cove.

Game Of Thrones Filming Location

blackwater bay dubrovnik game of thrones filming location dubrovnik
The Blackwater Bay / HBO

This filming location is the place where the Lannisters bid farewell to Myrcella. Shae and Sansa were watching ships in Pile bay before Lord Baelish discussed escape plans with Sansa. There was also the scene of killing Robert Baratheon’s bastards at Pile bay.

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The Real Location

dubrovnik srd hill kings landing game of thrones filming location
Srdj Hill above Dubrovnik

If you want to take a bird view picture of King’s Landing as if it was on the palm of your hand, Srdj hill is the best choice.

There is a Cable Car leading to the top of the mountain or you can go by car. Enjoy the magnificent view which is definitely worth getting up there.

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Game Of Thrones Filming Location

View of the King’s Landing from Srd Hill / HBO

In Game of Thrones, it was used in the filming for a portion of the King’s road, where the Martell convoy arrives in season 4.


As Sansa Stark once said: “Growing up at Winterfell, all I ever wanted was to escape, to come here, to the capital. To see the southern knights and their painted armor, and King’s Landing after dark. All the candles burning in all those windows…”

All she ever wanted was to come to King’s Landing. That’s your dream to? You can escape from your ordinary life and dive into an unforgettable experience of Game of Thrones by coming to Dubrovnik.

Fulfill your dreams and come to King’s Landing to feel the magic of this filming location. You won’t regret it for sure!

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Photos by: Just Dubrovnik / / HBO

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