A holiday in Dubrovnik will bring you to one of Europe’s most magnificent walled cities where you can see all the greatest of the city and off course enjoy the beauty of the tradition.

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An ancient city with a modern side

In Dubrovnik you can enjoy the both sides of the city, traditional and modern.  Here you can expect the mix of history, culture and modern architecture. The streets in the Old Town are full of medieval houses, magnificent palaces and historic churches that rub shoulders with chic boutiques, cute bars and modern hotels.

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Perfect beach life

Here in Dubrovnik you can find a hundred beaches to enjoy during summer time. A few of them are pebbly, like Banje Beach and they are just outside the walls of the old town. On this beach for example you can enjoy the bathing and seafront bars and cafés. If you want to enjoy the pure nature, you can visit Dance beach or Lokrum Island. There you can enjoy like locals.

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Historic old town

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities in Croatia because of his past. This city was a state for it self for a long time. Dubrovnik is well known as the city of diplomacy, great architecture and culture. UNESCO has left its mark all over Old Town. The city is full of Renaissance architecture that was wiped out in the 1667 earthquake. The Old Town has some parts left – like St Saviour Church – an example of the newer Baroque style. For example you have to see Franciscan Monastery, which houses one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, and the grand Rector’s Palace.

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Enjoy the Lokrum Island

If you want to breath pure nature and green vegetation, you have to visit Lokrum Island. You can rent a boat or kayak and it will take you only fifteen minutes from the Old Town port takes you to pine-clad Lokrum Island, where legend has it Richard the Lionheart was once cast ashore. These days it’s a popular place for secluded swimming and sunbathing. There are also walking paths across the island, plus a botanical garden and the ruins of an old Benedictine monastery.

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Scenic coastline

If you want to see beauty of Dubrovnik region and the coast, you have to think outside the box and visit Cavtat and little towns and villages. Cavtat is one of the most popular resorts in the seaside. Here you can enjoy water-sports like windsurfing and sailing. But if you want explore some small and quite places, the coastal villages of Mlini and Plat are also home to some good beaches, which tend to stay crowd-free, even in the height of summer.

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