Dubrovnik is a hugely popular destination these days, and with good reason! During the peak summer months  you can expect high temperatures, crowds, and a traditional summer holiday which will give you plenty of memories to take back home. Despite that, the crowds and the heat might not be for everyone, and that is why September is the ideal time to visit.

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Slightly lower temperatures, although not massively, warm sea to swim in and enjoy, and less crowds, all this makes for a more relaxing and comfortable holiday. On top of this, you can usually find cheaper hotels at this time, just out of the main peak holiday season. You won’t have the mass of families with screaming children around your hotel pool, and you are free to explore the resort and its surrounding islands too.

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If you do want to get out and see some of the off-shore gems around Dubrovnik, then you’re spoilt for choice. Here are three must-visits.

Korčula Island

This small but charming island is packed with towns and villages to explore and is also home to the Korkyra Baroque Festival, which is a Mecca for those who love music, both local and international. Held during 5-12 September this year, a visit to Korcula Island is packed with culture if you go during this time. Aside from the festival, you can explore the beautiful beaches, diving opportunities, and plentiful walking and cycling tracks around the coastline. Vela Luka and Korčula itself are the main towns, and here you will find restaurants, shops, and cafés to check out.

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Island Korcula Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik trip Adriatic Explore travel trip

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The Elaphite Islands

This small archipelago of 13 islands has some of the most breath-taking scenery around the area. The main islands are Šipan, Lopud, and Koločep, with the latter being closest to Dubrovnik itself. You will find pre-Roman churches, dating back to 9-11th century, and stunning beaches to enjoy. Apart from these three the islands are uninhabited, but the main ones offer plenty for visitors. Ferries from Dubrovnik (Gruž) to the Elaphite islands four times a day.

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Hvar Island

Hvar Town offers some lively nightlife to enjoy, as well as a medieval backdrop for those who love architecture and history. The general scenery of the island is picturesque, with mountains rolling down to beautiful beaches, green trees and fragrant flowers offering a perfect backdrop. Jelsa is also a very charming town to visit, and one of the must-dos when you head to this island, showing you some of the authentic ways of life around the region. You can easily reach the island by catamaran, taking around 1.5 hours from Split. There is a fast catamaran from Dubrovnik (Gruž) to Hvar, but it doesn’t run in September.

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Dubrovnik in itself is a fantastic destination, and you will be more than catered for regarding things to see and do, but getting out and about and exploring the off-shore areas is a must-do if you want to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of the region.

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