Well, we’re here to tell you that this country is absolutely incredible. The beautiful people, postcard-perfect beaches and relaxing lifestyle is hard to beat anywhere in the world. But Croatia is so much more than just a beautiful country, so here you go with 22 Reasons Why Life is Better in Croatia. 

  1. There is about 1200 islands !island croatia
  2. You won’t find a more beautiful sea.dubrovnik beach
  3. Dubrovnik77089327 - franciscan monastery and museum in the background of roofs with tiles in dubrovnik, croatia.
  4. The culture.time Sarajevo Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik story city art
  5. Everyone owns a scooter. Or dates someone with a scooter.
  6. The spectacular secret beachessecret beach croatia
  7. The national parkscroatia krka
  8. You’ll finally learn how to drink. Like Croatian.
  9. The Mountainsmountains croatia
  10. Croatians are so cool and they made the White House. (Actually, It’s made of Croatian stone, so we had to mention that, just in case. Even though this is definitely a legit reason why you should live in Croatia. Or White House.)
  11. Summer FestivalsCroatia party Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik Billboard Hideout joy summer Ultra festival
  12. The foodfood croatia
  13. And some more food.food croatia
  14. Yep, the streets have that Game of Thrones flavour.
  15. The football team and the crazy fans.
  16. The animal life
  17. The clean rivers and so much drinkable waterGo Dubrovnik Travel News
  18. The stuff they show on the News. Daily. 
  19. The historydubrovnik history
  20. Plitvice 
  21. The music is quite something in Croatia.

22. You can live with your parents…Well…Forever. (and no one will judge you) 

BTW. If you’re interested in life in Croatia, you should definitely consider going for one of the best Adriatic sea cruises, which will give you a glimpse at some of the most precious places this country has to offer.