Close your eyes… Can you smell the sea? Imagine the silence broken only by the noise of a light sea breeze sprawling through the crust of olive and pine trees. Can you hear the sea-gulls while the sun rays play on your face?

As you breathe in the Mediterranean, while sipping the good wine, all the worries and problems are slowly disappearing. Your thoughts are calm, and the body and mind become one again.
Are you seeking for your oasis of peace?
It found you.


BOWA is much more than a restaurant. It’s an experience, a feeling… Your memories in the making. BOWA is the smell of Adriatic, the sound of crickets, the sea-salt-kiss on the lips, the most beautiful sunset, the emerald-blue sea color, the smile on your lover’s face, the long, warm summer night. BOWA is the best of your summer.

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bowa sipan island

island of sipan bowa

island sipan bowa dubrovnik

It found its place in the sheltered and peaceful bay of one of the most beautiful Dubrovnik islands; Sipan. And when you see how gently it kisses the shore, you’ll thinkit has always been there, just like the perfect piece of intact nature.

island bowa sipan

Summer at BOWA has just begun, and this little paradise on earth, has opened its door to hedonists looking for the top gastronomic experience and peace – the greatest luxury of the 21st century. The news are great: There are three new cabanas!

sipan bowa dubrovnik

bowa dubrovnik sipan

Anglo-Saxon and Nordic bustling lifestyles have conquered the West by bringing the obsession with deadlines, basically living in the car, and many other difficulties of the modern era … However, life in the Mediterranean is slow. The very sight of the heavenly blue sea takes away all yesterday’s bitterness…

bowa sipan dubrovnik

We have to thank the sea for only the best from BOWA’s rich table. Here, you’ll get an opportunity to witness the daily catch of local fishermen, who will, often before your eyes, take the most exquisite fruits of the sea out of their fishing nets. Thanks to the local culinary magic and the traditional recipes of the Dubrovnik area, BOWA’s team will bring you the well-known tastes of childhood on the Adriatic – with a modern twist. The meat is also carefully prepared and it comes from domestic farms, organic fruits and vegetables are purchased from the local vendors… There’s nothing better than a homemade pasta, and that’s why it’s important part of BOWA’s most delicious specialties. Make sure you don’t miss out on Orzoto with cuttlefish and Mediterranean limpet and if you’re looking for something really spectacular try Tuna fish with chilli, capers and wine sauce.

sipan bowa dubrovnik

bowa dubrovnik

bowa sipan dubrovnik

There are countless reasons why the people of the Mediterranean feel privileged, but many will say, “The secret is in the good wine.” Precisely this was a guiding principle of choosing only the best wines for BOWA. And if you’re looking for something authentic, make sure you try BOWA’s branded house-wine, a scented, golden malvasia. Apart from the extensive list of top-quality wines, you can also enjoy the refreshing cocktails, which will surely spice up your hot summer days. If in doubt, go for a classic Mojito. We bet it’s probably going to be the best one you ever had.

sipan bowa dubrovnik

And when the night falls, good times at BOWA continue. Thanks to the extended working hours, from July 1st, guests arriving with the private boats will be able to enjoy the commodity of safe port. Have a pleasant and relaxed evening while the moonlight is playing on the sea surface… Could life get any better?


bowa sipan dubrovnik