6 Common Mistakes Travelers Make In Dubrovnik


When visiting the new “Naboo” your first instinct may be to rush to the Old Town and “do” all the sights at one day & check the all filming spots. A big NO! This local guide will help you to seize the moment.

Don’t feel like you have to stay within the city walls, it will be crowded, noisy & expensive. If you stay on the outskirts you will enjoy tremendous views of little bays, deep horizons and serendipity.

Don’t try to park very close to the Old Town. It is really expensive and you have much cheaper options like Dubrovnik City Parking which is still quite close to the Old Town but much cheaper (1.95 EUR per hour comparing to 6.60-10 EUR per hour just outside the Old Town.) Discover more affordable parking spots in Dubrovnik by reading this guide.

the best place to park in Dubrovnik

Walk, walk & walk. City itself is 50 minutes walking distance from the most remote spot to the center. Taking a car ride will face you with traffic congestion & pricey parking lots. If it is too hot take a bus or rent a scooter, after all, this is the Mediterranean.

You will get the best views from the seaside. If with deeper pocket consider renting a speed boat and enjoy the city outside the city walls. Alternative may be the kayak ride or the exciting buggy tour that will take you to the best belvedere Srđ Hill. Consider taking a walking tour by yourself on the city walls, while the city walking tour you could have after 06:30 PM, when cruisers are all gone and the sun is down.

There are great places with French & Italian snacks, but don’t go for it. Instead try the Ston cake, lovely macaroons covered with chocolate and nuts. Very traditional and very rare. It may sound extravagant it is tasty and you will love it.

 Don’t even try to compete with the cruiser guest crowd. Time from 10:00 AM till 04:00 PM use for exploring the beaches, resorts, wellness & little hidden suburbs outside Dubrovnik. Cavtat, Zaton, Čilipi will be happy to welcome you. The city museums and galleries will still be there after 04 PM.

Avoiding the old town in the hectic hours will bring up the restaurant challenge for lunch, unless you go outside Dubrovnik. You might want to consider one of these ideas:


On the remote mini parking lot behind the old Tobacco Factory, not a sensation for the site but definitely is for your palate. Grilled fish, fresh vegetables, traditional stews and much more . . . but not all at once, it is a Chef’s pick of the day. You will feel as if you were at your Granny’s place, only if she would have been local, of course. (Note: Forget on standardized hospitality service standards, just blend in.


Find a pontoon where from the oysters are being picked up. Negotiate the price, chat with the guy, eat them standing up and relax. It will be the day to remember.

GREEN MARKET – For EARLY risers only

Every morning apart  from weekends on Lapad peninsula you can find old ladies from remote villages selling their own grown or homemade groceries. Go for the white cheese! The fun part is you may try it all before you buy, it’s fresh and you can bargain.


Depending of taste, many might debate on this, however many bakeries have great cheese bureks. Burek is folded thin dough with the cheese in each layer and baked in the oven. Originally Bosnian – Turkish dish BUT we love it. TIP: Consider eating it after dancing the night away ( read: drinking the night away – it will soak well the alcohol). Our favorite spot is at the Gruz green market.