We all know that summer goes hand in hand with high temperatures but if you’re already tired because of the unbearable heat, you should know that Dubrovnik has an excellent solution: hide in a historic cave full of speleological treasures where you can truly enjoy sightseeing and plenty of surprises at a perfect 16 degrees (61 °F).


But be aware, even if you think that you’ll need no extra clothing it would be wise to bring some so that you can fully enjoy the experience.


The cave is known as the Đurovića Cave, and is in a very unique location, down below Dubrovnik Airport, right under the runway!

durovica spilja

The cave is a natural karst phenomenon, about 200 meters long and around 25 meters deep, with a total volume of approximately 900 cubic meters. The cave was first opened to the public in 2008 and immediately became a great tourist attraction, especially on a hot summer day.


But the pleasant temperature is really only one of the attractions of this one-of-a-kind cave. The whole area is deeply hidden beneath the ground and it abounds with great natural, historic stone monuments, and stalactites dating from the Bronze and Iron ages. But they are still growing and still shaping the space, presenting a unique place to visit and remember – but the main surprise is waiting till the end of your sightseeing.


At the end of the secure cave road, you will discover a big stone room with some beautiful stalactites and a chapel.


The room, called the Hall of the Dubrovnik Republic, is a must-see natural treasure, which will certainly impress you – but wait, that’s not all.


durovica spilja

The cave is hiding one more surprise…


If it so happens that you love wine, during the sightseeing you can also visit one more special place beneath the ground.


At the very heart of the cave, in perfect conditions, is placed the Skycellar, a unique collection of wines from the Konavle area, a region famous for fine, high quality and protected wine varieties, where you can taste and buy some perfect liquid souvenirs.

Maybe you can already imagine this one-of-a-kind vacation trip, an escape from the heat of the summer to a pleasant cave temperature and impressive surroundings, enriched by the extraordinary Skycellar.


Taste the wine, explore this historic karst phenomenon, and enjoy yourself in the much needed 16 degrees of the air…


The cave is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.


Photo: Facebook / Dubrovnik airport