I am willing to bet when you hear the word “Dubrovnik” no words come to mind but rather an image of the Croatian stone city appears. Probably the one you might consider one of the best views of Dubrovnik. But is there really such a place? Is there really a place with the best view of Dubrovnik?

Actually, in the City with so much beauty, the best views of Dubrovnik are hard to choose. It’s not because there are few or the places are inaccessible to the public, no, but rather because at every turn and just a few steps down the path you  stop and believe you found it again. You discovered the best view. And it’s true until you find the next one a few minutes later.

Even if you explore Dubrovnik for weeks, we doubt you’ll be able to see all of its beauty. That’s why we loved this dramatic video so much. In only two and a half minutes you get to see some of the best views Dubrovnik has to offer.


Photo credit: Dario Bandur