One of the most romantic destinations in the world becomes home to the world’s first museum dedicated to love & romance. “Love Stories Museum” opened its doors last week in Dubrovnik.

Love Stories Museum is collecting and displaying unique personal love stories and items of great sentimental value from all around the world. love stories museum

Among the many objects displayed along the walls of the Love Stories Museum, you’ll find a coffee mug, a souvenir from Sweden that got an American woman and a man from France together. There’s also the story of a young man who met his future wife at a funeral, and an emotional story involving a couple going through a divorce process who decided to give their marriage one last shot. Visitors to the museum can donate their personal love story and an interesting item that could end up as a part of the global love stories collection.

love stories museum 4

In the Love Stories Museum, you’ll also learn about local historical and mythical love stories of old Dubrovnik. There’s also a separate display dedicated to romantic plots featured in films and TV series that were filmed in Dubrovnik; think Game of Thrones, Robin Hood and Star Wars and a music section, introducing the visitors to the people who inspired some of the greatest love songs of all time. love stories museum

Once you’re done looking around and swooning over the iconic romantic tales, you can leave your mark on the Love Wall – sign it, doodle a cute little pic, pin a couple selfie on it, and help create ‘the most romantic wall in the world’.

love stories museum

Photo: Press