Over the past decade, Dubrovnik in Croatia has gained a lot of popularity as a dream wedding destination amongst foreign couples wishing to tie the knot in a beautiful romantic location. Most brides and grooms want the advantage of a beautiful location to add to the backdrops of their wedding photos. Situated in the Mediterranean belt, tying the knot in Dubrovnik is like an open declaration of love and natural beauty.
Katie from Orla James visited Croatia last year and fell in love with the grace and romance of Dubrovnik. She was privy to the destination wedding of her cousin and instantly decided that she would also have her own wedding in Dubrovnik.
You can tie the knot in a palace or an upscale resort, old churches or villas. The destinations in Dubrovnik are endless. Let us help you with a few locations that are as perfect as a picture postcard and a few reasons why Dubrovnik is ideal as a wedding destination!

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Renaissance Palaces:
If you and your partner would like to feel like royalty on your wedding day, then you should opt for one of the renaissance palaces Dubrovnik has to offer. Unique architecture, royal feel, historic value, and romance, you’ll get it all in popular renaissance venues like Sponza Palace, also known as Divona Palace and Knezev dvor, also known as Rector’s Palace.
Sponza Palace, built in the 16th century, was a business house and trading center that was left untouched even after the earthquake in the 1600s. Rector’s Palace is a mix of Renaissance and Gothic architecture which was the seat of the Rector from the 14th century till the early 19th century. You can opt for a civil or traditional ceremony in either of these beautiful palaces.

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St. Blaise Church:
Built in the early 1700s, St. Blaise Church was made under the eye of Venetian sculptor and architect Marino Gropelli. The ground plan of St. Blaise is built in the classic form of a Greek cross with a square nave. This baroque church was a dedication to the patron of Dubrovnik and holds a special place in the hearts of the locals. Situated in Old Town, St Blaise Church is a hot favorite of most couples who want to have a grand wedding with a touch of historic value.

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Old Town:
Old Town of Dubrovnik has risen to fame as being the setting for ‘King’s Landing’ from the famous ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series. Old Town is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and was founded by refugees to Dubrovnik from Epidaurus, Greece in the 7th century. Once you cross the old drawbridge and walk through the famous Pile Gate, you will find yourself in the familiar streets as on your favorite show. Fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ can have their wedding in the heart of Old Town – exactly as seen in the scenes featuring ‘King’s Landing’.

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Some reasons why you should choose Dubrovnik:
Dubrovnik is a hot favorite holiday destination of many celebrities like Beyonce, Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Tina Turner and so on. They keep visiting this beautiful jewel of Croatia for sailing and rafting in the Mediterranean despite having many varied options across the world.
Dubrovnik is also a prime honeymoon destination. Once you’re done with the hustle and bustle of your wedding day and preparations, you could continue your honeymoon in Dubrovnik and visit other parts of Croatia to add to your memories.
Croatian people are known for their hospitality and are extremely welcoming of brides and grooms who choose their beautiful land for a wedding celebration. You will be able to easily find florists, caterers, wedding décor, bartenders, and venues to make your wedding a success. You can also choose wedding favors from local artisans to make the Croatian experience a unique one for your guests.

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Dubrovnik has fantastic seafood, lamb, freshly grown local vegetables, and locally prepared desserts and bread. You could also opt for the scrumptious local Croatian cuisine for your reception party.
There are many wedding planners in Dubrovnik who have handled large and intimate weddings at all budgets. If you want, you could contact one of them and have an initial meeting over video call to get a feel of whether your vision aligns with that of the wedding planner.
Dubrovnik has perfect Mediterranean views that look spectacular in wedding photos. The weather here is also mostly sunny and Dubrovnik has a Summer Festival that is always a favorite of all tourists. Make your wedding guests feel extra special with all these attractions.
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Story by Katie Jones from Orla James .

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