Want to travel to Croatia but you’re still not sure where? Well, Sandra Marusic will convince you to pick Dubrovnik. Why? Well, just take a look at her wonderful photos! Trained photographer’s eye notices even the smallest details as Sandra brings you her dreamy vision of Dubrovnik. Keep reading and find out everything about her trip to Croatia’s most beautiful city. 

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The Story

The road from the airport to the hotel was an experience in itself. The view from the taxi window was pleasing, and was only interrupted by the taxi driver’s ramblings about the old city and all its attractions. The friendly man dropped us off and so began our journey of this beautiful, unknown world. We were surprised, and at the same time fascinated by the architecture and greenery around us. I tried as best I could to capture the magic of this city on camera, but I am afraid that photos simply do not do this breathtaking place justice.

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Travel Tips

Not to be overlooked is the city wall of the old town. The nearly two-kilometer long tour of this wall is a wonderful opportunity for taking photos – both of the city and the sea. The best view of the city was, however, from the mountain “Srd”, which can be reached by cable car in a few minutes. We were very surprised when we discovered a Swiss bell at the station (I should perhaps mention that we are Swiss). We discovered that the reason for the Swiss bell was that the cable car, which has been in running since 2010, comes from Switzerland. Besides the beautiful view on the mountain, there is a restaurant and a gift shop to help occupy the time. History fans can treat themselves to a museum with an exhibition about the war in Croatia as well.

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Walking tours in the old gardens are also highly recommended; there is so much to see: the mighty Pile Gate, as well as the famous Onofrio’s Fountain. We also enjoyed eating ice-cream, drinking coffee and discovering the souvenir shops hidden in the small alleys. Also, very characteristic for Dubrovnik were the handmade lavender bags and filigree earrings in ball form.

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For early risers: Sunrises on the way to the daily market should not be missed. Here you will find a variety of native fruits and vegetables. Other tasty souvenirs such as homemade jam can also be bought here.

Attention to detail: If you love architecture, you will love Dubrovnik. We loved the assortment of gates and doors that we found along our journey. At times even getting nostalgic about a mailbox that caught our attention


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The port also has a special charm. Especially in the morning, it seems to just stand still. In the distance, luxury yachts and several small fishing boats line the shore. One can’t help but admire how clean this beautiful city is.

And if you have seen everything there is to see in Dubrovnik and finally want to get some rest at the beach, you will encounter yet another surprise: A crystal clear sea, and in that moment you will understand why Dubrovnik is called the pearl of the Adriatic Sea.

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Big Thanks To Sandra Marusic for photo & story material!

Check out more of her wonderful work HERE