Starters are awesome and entrées are the key, but we absolutely adore dessert. It’s hard to explain but we feel about ice cream and cookies and baklava the way Croatians feel about their football team. A day without at least one sweet thing is like a day without joy.
Ahead, find Dubrovnik’s most delicious, jaw-dropping, happiness-inducing A-Z list of desserts — from legendary desserts to gluten free deliciousness. And don’t fool yourself, these treats aren’t just unforgettable; they are worth every single mouth-watering calorie.  Whether you like your dessert cool as ice cream or warm as a soufflé, Dubrovnik’s got the real treat for you.
LOKAL – One suite
LOKAL is a new restaurant incorporated in One Suite Hotel, in Župa (at Dr. Franje Tuđmana 1), and it’s already one of our favourite places in Dubrovnik. First thing you’ll notice is an attractive interior – a mixture of industrial chic and monochrome design ideal for chill mornings or cozy afternoons with your friends or your better half. And there’s definitely no better place to enjoy your dessert than on the lawn full of comfortable deckchairs! We tried everything from the sweets menu and simply couldn’t decide what’s more delicious. But who can blame us? The sweets here are not only tasty but also a healthy option! There’s a beautiful selection of gluten-free desserts made of local ingredients, low in sugar and rich in flavour! To mention just a few, make sure you try the local deliciousness – Dubrovnik prijesnac as well as Orange and olive cake, that simply melt in your mouth! The cakes compliment the coffee perfectly, and when we say coffee – we mean Cogito craft coffee, roasted in Croatia. It tastes just the way the coffee should taste, so you actually might get addicted – just like we did 🙂

Dubrovnik is loaded with special places, but when we talk about gastronomy, Lucin Kantun takes a special place. It’s not only the menu and excellent interior design, but also the unique atmosphere. Located in the very heart of Old city (at Ul. od Sigurate 4), this place simply gives you a feeling like you’re eating in the comfort of your own home. It will delight you with its traditional charm and a personal approach to customer satisfaction as well as great choice of food. Run by a a young couple Ante and Mia, it really has a special place in our heart, just as their fabulous dessert list. This is your first time in Lucin Kantun and you’re not sure what to try? Go for Chocolate soufflé served with vanilla ice-cream that will make any chocolate lover swoon! We believe that every great restaurant should have a great cheesecake too. Lucin Kantun has one of the best cheesecakes we ever tried, and if you don’t believe us, go ahead and try it for yourself!

lucin kantun dubrovniklucin kantun dubrovnik


If you’d ask any local to tell you what’s the most popular dessert in Dubrovnik, we’re sure many would say – Magellan’s famous chocolate soufflé ! We definitely agree with the claim, but we also love trying some new stuff. Magellan’s 15 minutes apple pie is to die for! How to even describe this deliciousness? Let’s give it a try: A buttery puff pastry filled with apples topped with caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream that tastes like something your French grandma would made (if you had a French grandma!), and it’s so freaking good that you’ll be coming back for more in no-time! Let’s not forget to mention a great selection of daily cakes, and when we say great – we mean it.  Almonds, figs gazed in prosecco, Baley’s chocolate liquor are just some of the ingridients used to make these sweet delights! Magellan, Restaurant and Caffe bar (at Iva Vojnovića 7A) is waiting for a sweet tooth like you 🙂

magellan-dubrovnikMAGELLAN DUBROVNIK


What would this list be without mentioning at least one amazing gelato place? Idealy located in the centre of Old town (at Ul. Od Puča 9) Peppino’s Confectionery lovers’ club literally takes the cake when it comes to gelato. The shop is always full, so we’re sure you’ll spot the long line of costumers  waiting patiently for their scoop of the first-class gelato. Why is it so special? It’s in the best quality ingredients, of course. There’s only one “problem”. We can never decide what to have! Yogo Strawberry, Choco Oreo, Caffe Latte, Pisatacchio, all equally delicious… But no matter what flavour you choose, you can’t go wrong. For those who love guilt free sweets, there’s a fabulous selection of organic, gluten-free gelato. Great news isn’t it?



Restaurant Posat (at Ul. uz Posat 1) is known as a synonym for Dubrovnik’s quality and excellence. The owners wanted to offer something that you’ve already seen and tasted, but this time, on a completely new level. This is what positioned Restaurant Posat on the list of the most prestigious fine dining restaurants in the City. Posat’s value is recognised by many celebrity guests that always gladly revisit the joys of this special cuisine. One thing that surely enriches the superb offer is a particular dessert list. If you’re one of those people with equisite taste, you will love Caramelised figs on fresh cheese mousse or Homemade cherry and chocolate mousse.

hrana posat

posat restrain


Everyone who ever dined here, knows that this is the place to go when looking for some serious specialties! The food is a perfect fusion of the best Adriatic ingredients and Japanese culinary techniques. You’ll simply love the tastes, the colors, the smart combinations of ingredients, and if you’re in doubt weather to have a dessert after the main course or not – you should most definitely go for it ! Their Banana chocolate cake is a showstopper! Light, creamy, chocolately and simply delicious made for those who enjoy the best things in life slowly- bite per bite. Let’s not forget to mention Dates cake. What’s not to love about a cake that’s made from luscious dates and is so soft and moist?

bota-sare-oyster-sushi bota-sare-oyster


If you’re our reader, you already know that Dubrovnik has one really special pastry shop made for those sweet cravings and hanging out with friends. Slatki Kantun (Croatian for Sweet corner) incorporated in Hotel more (at Nika i Meda Pucića 13) really has it all: the view, the comfy chairs, the chic interior, the spacious terrace with the pool! Here, you can choose between many flavors and interesting seasonal influences. The pasteries here are always made from the fresh, carefully selected ingredients, with zero additives, and made daily. Choose between authentic, hommemade pastiries, and make sure you try the signature items,  Marzipan cake and Chocolate bomb with forest fruits that melts under the stream of hot chocolate.




What would this list be without some great Bosnian sweets? Welcome to Taj Mahal, our favourite place for tasty traditional food. The moment you walk in one of their two Dubrovnik’s restaurants ( Ul. Nikole Gučetića 2 or Ul. Iva Vojnovića 14) you’ll be transported into another world. Sevdah music, traditional Bosnian home cuisine and wide selection of sweets and liquors blend beautifully with unique interior, a combination of modern comfort and features of the Bosnian architecture. If you’re in doubt, when it comes to sweets – go for Baklava with prunes. This dessert originates in the Middle East, and it’s made of filo pastry traditionally filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey. In Taj Mahal, you’ll get an opportunity to try an updated version of this delicious cake, and we promise – it’s fabulous. If you prefer almonds and candied fruit, your choice should be creamy Bademli Almasija, one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Learn more here.